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Ewan got me practising getting my mouth used to saying full sentences smoothly. I noticed myself coming out with a higher standard of sentences in every day conversations, and my pronunciation improved very fast...I like most is that you don't have to have anyone around to be able to practise speaking and also you are practising real sentences that you know that you are gonna use!


Glossika is unlike any other language product currently in existence. Most other products are designed to be entertaining and give a false sense of progress early on, but ultimately fail to deliver in the long run. This is problematic because learning a language is a marathon and not a sprint. Glossika, on the other hand, gradually cements pronunciation, intonation, and syntactic structures in the mind. From day to day the progress is imperceptible and the exercise can even feel a little pointless in the very beginning, but as the reps pile up you will naturally feel your listening comprehension, your pronunciation and your fluency begin to improve.


Glossika's method is so helpful that I plan to go back to review languages to take advantage of how the repetition ingrains grammatical structures into my brain. The concept here is excellent and unparalleled.


This may be the most effective way I have found to improve my Japanese listening and speaking skills. When I decided to really pursue my goal of communicating in Japanese, my strategy was focused on learning vocabulary and grammar. Still, I couldn’t really communicate easily.

I tried a few other language sites, but it just hasn’t stuck. Then I started Glossika a few weeks ago and I finally feel like I have found something that is really helping me not only listen and speak better, but I am even getting a sense of the grammar in a more natural way.

I am very happy with my progress so far and how simple the program is. I truly think the best way to learn a new language is to listen and mimic as we all did with our first language when we were babies and young children.


Glossika system is amazing, it streamlines everything for me. Click, start reps from any of my devices... I totally love it! Pure repetition, no need to track anything, the system does it for me.


I now take regular time to practice, which is one of the biggest changes from my approach before. This consistency is incredibly helpful. I also appreciate the synchronised text and audio. Seeing this connection makes learning easier.


The collocation training is outstanding. You will learn words in context, and grammatical patterns will sink in. Glossika is the best course that one could have for actually learning to speak a language. Actively practicing the target language throughout the day and with native speakers will enable one to learn a foreign language at a much quicker pace than any other conventional methods.


Having complete sentences instead of isolated words makes language learning not only more fun and reasonable, but also easier to apply the material in daily life.


Having Glossika sort out the repetition makes it really easy to focus on learning and having the characters show up for each sentence help me a lot.


For me, Glossika is a very important tool that allows me to do an absolute review of Catalan and other Romance languages. It is a great complement because at the same time, you can review English. As always, excellent.


I know Glossika has helped me a lot with my accent and speaking. I like the fact that there is so much repetition...I strongly believe in your method.

What Others Also Said...

Discipline, practice, listening.


I think I'm getting more fluent in speaking. The sentences seem to help solidify the grammar I already know.


Glossika made it more fun and spontaneous.


It has really pushed me to want to speak and think and not just read.


It gave me structured drills without requiring a lot of time.


Speaking has improved a lot since learning with Glossika.


It is helping me focus on listening and speaking and even thinking in the foreign language.


I learn a new language like a kid at a young age.


It’s easy to use and enjoyable.


With a language like Armenian which I'm starting from scratch (and with no other materials), it feels like a more natural way of learning.


It keeps me focused because it promotes active participation.

Josh S.

Glossika has helped me learn usage of certain prepositions, and increase confidence in speaking.

Josh T.

I am actually being very consistent and doing my reps every single day. The system feels very accessible and effortless.


Focus on fluidity without perfection in vocabulary or grammar.

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