Rachel is a sign language interpreter who lives in Seattle. Because of her job, Rachel has always loved dissecting languages in all kinds of aspects. During our interview with her, she mentioned that her goal is to be able to talk to her fiancé's family from India. And so, being fluent in Hindi is very important to Rachel.


When we approached Rachel to ask about her progress, she was in the middle of preparing for a sign language test, which was taking up most of her time, but she didn't want to fall behind in her Hindi. Due to her busy schedule, the only time she had available to keep training in Hindi was at night. The automated scheduling and review is one of the primary reasons why she's chosen Glossika.

I'm not really worried about being able to write or read the language now, so Glossika really works for me. -- Rachel

One of the the hardest things about Hindi has been finding materials that actually focus on getting her up to speaking fluency rather than fousing on reading and grammar, which she has little use for.

"I'm not really worried about being able to read or write the language now, so Glossika really works for me," said Rachel.

She's found that Glossika is the only service that has phonics for all of its languages which allows her to start speaking right away. She can actually focus on achieving fluency by training her speaking and listening.

She's also been in great need for materials that are both modern and colloquial. Glossika has been the perfect solution for her so that she can have comfortable conversations with people while traveling around India.


It really depends on the person, as some find Hindi an easy language to pick up, but can be extremely difficult for others. What really matters is your dedication and practice, because sticking with it means your progress will really start to show.

When Rachel trips up on sentences the first time she tries to say them, the spaced repetition helps her get it right the next few times round. The repetition makes her feel the muscles around her mouth taking shape to speak Hindi properly.

It's fascinating how repetition works. -- Rachel

Rachel was introduced to Glossika by a friend who has also been learning Hindi on Glossika. It has really gotten her excited and now she's an advocate telling others about how Glossika can make a huge difference in their speaking abilities.

I will tell them that if their goal is to speak, then Glossika is for them. -- Rachel

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