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These free ebooks and guides are written with love from Glossika Linguistics Team! The topics include Pronunciation, Grammar, Verb Use, and Introduction.

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Your Guide to Chinese Grammar & Pronunciation
Chinese Pronunciation and Grammar Guide
Improve your Chinese pronunciation with different romanization options and see how to get the word order correctly with useful examples.
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Your Guide to Japanese Grammar & Pronunciation
Japanese Pronunciation and Grammar Guide
Learn about vowels, consonants and various types of Japanese scripts and get to know Japanese grammar in an easy-to-follow format.
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Your Guide to Korean Grammar & Pronunciation
Korean Pronunciation and Grammar Guide
Discover the Korean sound changes, vowels, and consonants with English references and work your way through basic grammar.
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Your Guide to Italian Grammar & Pronunciation
Italian Pronunciation and Grammar Guide
Build up a solid foundation in your Italian pronunciation and learn the structure of Italian grammar – recognize verb conjugation and various tenses.
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Your Guide to Russian Grammar & Pronunciation
Russian Pronunciation and Grammar Guide
Useful linguistic references for all stages of your personal language training. Find out how you can read Russian in 3 simple steps!
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Introduction to Lithuanian: Verbs, Nouns and Indo-European Etymology
Introduction to Lithuanian: Verbs, Nouns and Indo-European Etymology
A comprehensive guide and valuable resource for your Lithuanian learning, including conjugations, verb lists, word endings, and many more.
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