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Unlimited access to
all the languages


Best for learners with short-term goals, such as preparing for an upcoming trip abroad.

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Billed Monthly


Unlimited access to
all the languages


Best for learners with clear fluency goals who want to make progress fast with an intensive program.

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Manage multiple users (learning metrics, progress reports, testing results)


Glossika helps your students and staff acquire all aspects of a foreign language effectively.

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All Plans Include

Get Personalized Content

Get Personalized Content

Whether you are an advanced learner or a complete beginner, Glossika gives you personalized content to improve faster.

Listen to Real Recordings

Listen to Real Recordings

Learn with professional native speaker recordings and pronunciation transcriptions.

Get Unlimited Practices

Get Unlimited Practices

Get unlimited typing, dictation, listening and recording practice for the language(s) you'd like to learn.

Switch Modes Anytime

Switch Modes Anytime

Use the learning method that's most comfortable to you: either intensive full-practice mode or listening-only mode.

Learn More and Forget Less

Learn More and Forget Less

Get memory tracking statistics and review items every day to retain what you've learned longer.

Track Weekly Progress

Track Weekly Progress

Receive a weekly progress report with a detailed record of your learning.

What Our Users Are Saying

Being able to speak in sentences is important, and that's what Glossika does for you.

I find Glossika very useful in terms of: increasing my vocabulary and conveying relatively useful/common structures I would use on a day-to-day basis. My German sentences become longer and have more structure now. It has really helped me develop my speaking skills.

Because of Glossika, I felt more comfortable speaking the language. You learn how to use vocabulary in the context of the sentence with Glossika.

It's fascinating how repetition works. I will tell people that if their goal is to speak, then Glossika is for them.

The primary way that I was learning was through sporadic classes online. I learned a lot of vocabulary but I still had trouble speaking. But after one week of using Glossika daily for Spanish, I saw improvement immediately!

Glossika has helped immensely in reinforcing grammar ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How secure is my credit card information?
    We take your privacy and payment security seriously. For that reason, we use Stripe as our payment processor. The credit card data that you enter will never pass through or be stored on any Glossika machines. The data is sent directly to Stripe, where maximum protection and security of financial data is ensured.
  • 2. What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.
  • 3. How many languages can I use if I subscribe to Glossika?
    You get access to all the languages on Glossika.
  • 4. Can I upgrade / downgrade / cancel my subscription anytime?
    Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade or cancel at any time. Your subscriptions will automatically renew until you choose to cancel it. When you cancel, we’ll stop billing you for the next billing cycle. You can keep using Glossika until the end of the billing period.
  • 5. What is your refund policy?
    Subscriptions for the current month are final. A cancellation of your subscription will cancel any following payments. You may upgrade your subscription plan at any time.

    If you are on the annual plan, you may downgrade or cancel your subscription plan within 60 days of payment to receive a refund on the remaining amount. This is calculated at the monthly rate (of 30.99 USD). To get your refund processed, please contact
  • 6. What does "convert currency" mean?
    Glossika makes use of, an open-source tool, to provide our subscription fee in different currencies. We update the currency exchange rate on a daily basis, but please keep in mind that the transaction will be in USD and the price is subject to currency fluctuation at the time of purchase.
  • 7. Is there a free plan or free trial? Will I get charged after my free trial?
    Yes, we encourage you to try it first! Glossika offers 7-day full access. Simply sign up and instantly access everything. There is no obligation nor credit card required. You won’t be charged during your free trial.

    You'll only get charged if you subscribe to Glossika.

  • 8. What does "free" languages mean?
    Since we care about language preservation, you get unlimited spaced repetition practice for select languages for free. So far these free languages are Catalan, Manx (UK), Welsh (UK), Kurdish (Iraq), Taiwanese Hokkien (Taiwan), Hakka (Taiwan), Wenzhounese (China), Gaelic (Scotland). *Certain premium features are available with subscription.

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