My name is Keith, and I wanted to share with you how Glossika finally helped me breakthrough to fluency after a year and a half of independent language study.

I left the active duty US Air Force in the fall of 2016 with plans on studying Spanish to eventually become a Spanish court interpreter.


The primary way that I was learning was through sporadic classes online. I learned a lot of vocabulary but I still had trouble speaking.

When I first began, the primary way that I was learning was through sporadic classes online through and doing translations. I learned a lot of vocabulary but I still had trouble speaking.

In 2017, I continued to improve my Spanish through the exercises in my legal and medical interpretation courses and by consuming more media in the language. I got a huge wakeup call last summer, when I volunteered to tutor native speakers in English at a local library and I couldn't understand them! I knew I had a ways to go to be comfortably fluent.

At the beginning of this year, I continued to do all of the above, but I also began reading outloud in Spanish. I read 1984, Dan Brown's latest book Origin, and even got through Cien Años de Soledad, among a few others. Even after all of that, I still didn't feel comfortable expressing myself on my own without words in front of me, although my vocabulary was quite large at this point.

After one week of using Glossika daily for Spanish, I saw improvement immediately!

I found Glossika in June 2018, and after one week of using it daily for Spanish, I saw improvement immediately. I guess you could say I binged on Glossika sentences until mid Aug. Not only was I reinforcing all of the language patterns that I had encountered up to that point, but I was also improving the speed with which I could speak in Spanish. This is very important for my job as a language interpreter.

August was an important milestone for me, because I was scheduled to retake an oral medical interpreting exam, which I had failed by only 4 points (so frustrating!) only a few months prior. In 4 weeks, I worked my way through over 25,000 reps in Spanish. I did reps while I was in the shower, in the bathroom, while I was cooking, whenever I wasn't engaged in anything else I was busting out reps.

It all paid off when the test day came around, and my improved skills really showed. Although, I haven't received the results yet, I'm confident that I passed and will be a certified medical interpreter by October, thanks to Glossika. It's really helped me bring the language together in my head and made me feel more comfortable speaking.

My Next Language: Japanese!

I am now using Glossika to revive my Japanese. Although I reached a comfortable level of memorized fluency several years ago with it, I never reached natural fluency. Now that I have Glossika, I know that level of fluency is only a few tens of thousands of reps away.

Keith submitted his story on Aug 24th, 2018.

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