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Manx Radio
New way to learn Manx Gaelic launched
There's a new way of getting to grips with the Manx language - courtesy of a team of linguists based in Taiwan.
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IOM Today
A New online course to learn Manx Gaelic
The Glossika team has already analysed and launched over 60 of the most widely spoken languages from around the world and now in a joint project with Aberdeen University and Culture Vannin has made the course available in Manx.
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The Role Of Artificial Intelligence And Language
“...the language learning process is based on repetition of phrase patterns that show the relationships between words which eliminates the traditional method of vocabulary and grammar repetition.”
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The Next Web
AI-powered language learning promises to fast-track fluency
“Glossika’s proprietary machine learning algorithms mean there’s “no need for language experts to figure out what to teach in what order.”
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Education World
Language Learning Programs are Getting Smarter
“Glossika focuses on a “spaced repetition” strategy that helps people become fluent and gain an understanding of the new language, regardless of their vocabulary range.”
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Business Next
打造最有效率的語言學習模式!多種語言學習平台 Glossika
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Remote Learning
“Taipei-based linguist Michael Campbell found that sound was a better medium than text when it came to improving language fluency.”
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4 Reasons to Learn a New Language by
“I highly recommend the lesser know Glossika.”
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