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In this post, we’d like to let you know what has improved in the new settings, and share some pro tips of our recommended combinations so you can save time and find the best setup in different learning scenarios.

What’s New in Settings, and How it Works

There are three sections in Settings: Base Language, Target Language, and General

Settings, New Session

Base Language

This may be your native language or a language that you're already fluent in.

You can turn on/off the text and audio, and also adjust the audio speed.

You can change your base language anytime. For example, if you’re a native English speaker and your French is at B2 and are learning Spanish, you may consider using French as the base language to learn Spanish.

Note: The number of sentences depends on the base language you use, and for now we’d recommend that using English (US) as the base language in New session and use other base language in Review session.

Target Language

You can adjust the audio speed and turn on the repeat function if you’d like to hear the sentence a second time for each rep.


You can adjust the audio effect, recording, and how you would like to do the Recall practice (it’s either typing or recording).

For recording, we offer three extra options: auto-record, preview recordings, and auto-submit.

If you’d like to listen to your recordings right after you finish recording, turn on the preview recordings function. You can also re-record again if you’re not satisfied with your recording.

Other New Enhancements

Settings are separated for New Session and Review

We separate the settings so you can easily customize your setting for learning new sentences and review sentences that you’ve learned previously.

Settings, Review Session

Test your setup in Settings

You can test the setup directly in Settings instead of wasting reps. And everything is auto-save!

Easier to switch between review modes

There are 5 review modes available, and you can change the review mode on the top bar or in the top-right corner in Settings.

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1) Practice while driving

We have a lot of users who like to practice while driving. It saves you time, and you can practice in the privacy of your car.

We build Listening-Only specifically for this learning scenarios (you don’t need to click or interact with the screen) so be sure to switch your session mode to Listening-Only when you’re driving.

If you’d like to do recording as well, we recommend that you turn on auto-record, turn off preview recordings, and turn on auto-submit.

2) I want to think about the target before hearing the audio

Set your sentence interval to 2x or 4x, then you’ll have more time to think about the target phrase before hearing the audio.

3) How do I listen to the target language first?

You can’t switch the order of the base and target language, but you can open up a new language course by using the language you’re learning as the base language. For example, if you are learning French, you can set up a French - English course so you’ll hear French first. After all, there’s no limitation of how many language courses you can set up on Glossika if you have premium access.

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