Setting a goal is a must if you’d like to achieve anything or become a better version of yourself in terms of career, health, wealth, and definitely in learning a new language! In late 2019 we interviewed the world renowned polyglot Alexander Argüelles, and was truly impressed by his self-discipline and how he is able to manage such a large amount of practice every day. He said that "the key to success is consistency" so no matter what your daily goal is, being consistent is the key mindset to help you achieve it.

On Glossika, you can now set a daily learning goal for yourself. We make use of “reps” to measure your progress and so you can easily see if you've hit your daily goals!

Rep means “repetition”; practicing a sentence means that you get a rep; typing out a sentence, you get a rep. Repeat after the native speaker? You get a rep! Listening to the native recording carefully? You get a rep!

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Learn new items

In each new session, you get 5 new sentences in a total of 25 reps. If you get a sentence wrong, you’ll get one more rep to practice. Keep in mind that there’s no limitation of how many new sessions you’d like to work on, but learning too much new content will burden you with an excessive amount of review and can easily lead to burnout. This is why we have some default recommendations for you.

If you are not sure how to set a daily goal for yourself, we recommend 25 reps as a starting point for learning new items.


Same as with learning new items, we make use of “reps” for setting your daily goals.

There are two ways to look at Glossika’s review mechanism: algorithm-supported review and non-algorithm supported review.

We recommend that you go for the algorithm-supported review mechanism as it saves your time and you get to progress faster. Algorithm supported review options usually come a few hours after you finish learning new items. Why? Because it works better if you come back a few hours afterwards and do the practice again to enhance your memory and turn what you’ve learned into long-term memory. Repeating too frequently in a short time is not as effective in helping your memory.

What if you’ve finished all the algorithm-supported review items, but would still like to do more practice? Or perhaps play your sentence list while doing other things? You have three options to go for:

  • Review Collection
  • Review Favorites
  • Review by Levels

Review Collection is a new review mode which allows you to play all the sentences in your collection non-stop (and automatically excludes your skipped sentences). If you’d like to know more about other review modes, we recommend reading this article: More Flexible Ways to Do Review

Every day when you achieve your daily goal, you’ll earn a badge! We hope you enjoy this new feature!

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