Glossika Internship: Product Management

"At Glossika, I’m exposed to a lot of different languages. I was very surprised by the persistence and passion that people have for learning new languages, which was both admirable and inspiring to me."

Chien-Ming Liew, Soochow University

glossika intern chien ming product management

I came to Glossika by pure chance. Since I’m an overseas Chinese student, I’m pretty unfamiliar with people and things in Taiwan, not to mention interning at a company here. At first, I was a bit timid. I tried hard to familiarize myself with my work content while observing the working environment. It wasn’t long before I started to fall in love with this place.

At Glossika, I’m exposed to a lot of different languages. I was very surprised by the persistence and passion that people have for learning new languages, which was both admirable and inspiring to me.

For my job, aside from editing online files and shipping out products, I also listen to many audio files in different languages. It was a pleasure for me to sometimes lay back a bit and try to learn something from it. The greatest reward from working at Glossika is that they gave me a chance to learn a new language, Japanese. Although I’m also taking Japanese classes at school, I find myself not being able to improve nearly as much as I would like due to the class schedule. However, Glossika’s fluency course enables me to use what little time I have before sleep to get through a good deal of Japanese sentences. Since then, the Japanese course at school has become much easier for me as I became much more confident when speaking Japanese out loud.

What I love most about Glossika is my colleagues. They always lend a helping hand when I encounter problems at work, and often showed care for me when I’m off work, to which I felt really touched. My job here isn’t very complicated nor influential, but I’m always happy to see how everyone at Glossika tried their best at whatever they do. Even more so, whenever I get to cooperate with my colleagues and carry out teamwork together, I always get a sense of accomplishment from it. No matter how small my job may be, being able to fulfill a greater purpose with my colleagues will always make me proud.

Glossika is not just where I work -- it’s a big and warm family to me!

Chen-Jia Dai, National Taipei University

glossika intern chen jia product management

Frankly speaking, the reason I applied for this internship is because of the job focus -- logistics. Being a consumer most of the time, I normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to get to know the work behind it, so this job sparked great interest for me.

At Glossika, my routine duties included book packaging and shipment as well as ebook editing. I was excited about these tasks before getting used to them, but after a while, I occasionally got bored to these mundane responsibilities. Well, I mean, even experienced drivers get bored during long-distance driving, right?'

Then, I decided to set a personal goal: construct my own operating procedure for the things I’m in charge of. Moreover, I’ll do so in a way to surpass my supervisor’s expectation, so that my work will be trusted. By setting up a goal to accomplish, I was able to progressively sharpening my skills in handling administrative work by paying attention to details that I could improve on.

To me, internship is a learning environment. Although I’m not too passionate about languages in general, I felt very comfortable working at Glossika. Since my job wasn’t overwhelmed with pressure, I had a lot of freedom and time to spend on experimenting with different working methods -- and choosing the most efficient way to work. I’m sure many people complain about not being able to finish their work, but few of them will evaluate and adjust their operating procedures. In the end, developing the capabilities of better adapting to my given responsibilities must be my greatest achievement during this internship opportunity!


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