Our Guest Post Guidelines

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post to us, please refer to our guidelines.

We'll work closely with you, as you develop your one-of-a-kind, inspirational piece for language enthusiasts and learners from around the globe!

Get to know the Basics

  • Read Glossika Blog for similar interest and get to know the content we create.
  • We accept original, first-time published work, with useful information and tested methods/tips that will benefit our readers in their language learning.
  • All submitted articles will be edited by our Editorial Team for revision purpose.
  • All guest posts will be promoted through our various social media channels.

Follow these Steps

  1. Contact us first with a proposal or outline of your article, not the actual work.
  2. Upon approval, we’ll send you a Google Docs file to work with.
  3. Our Editorial Team will advise on relevant revision and edits.
  4. When published, share the article with your audience and respond to questions directed towards your post (from the Glossika Blog).

Article Checklist

  • At least 1000 words in length.
  • Native & excellent language use, already proofread.
  • Prepare an author bio, profile photo, and 2-5 article images.

If you have any questions about creating a guest post, please write to sheena@glossika.com