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Our Audience

Working professionals, students, educators, language learners - anyone interested in language learning and different cultures.

Basic Writing Rules

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We accept original, first-time published work, with useful information and tested methods/tips that will benefit our readers in their language learning.

We care about our readers and we put content quality first.

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Avoid too much subjective opinion. You can definitely share your thoughts and opinions, but we'd prefer that you focus more on objective facts, data, and practical tips.

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Sorry, Glossika blog is not a good place for you to throw in promotional content. We'll only include a backlink in the author bio section.

Rule #4: Pitch us first - let us know your topic and outline

It really saves both of us time. Let us know what you like to write about with detailed outlines.

Submitting Articles

  • At least 1,500 words submitted in an editable Google Doc.
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  • Your email subject: Guest Post | Title of your article
    For example: Guest Post | Asking Directions the Right Way in French
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If you’re interested in contributing to the Glossika blog, please send your article to samuel@glossika.com.

And due to the volume of requests we receive, we cannot respond to all submissions. If your article is suitable, we will be in touch with you in 3 business days.