Glossika Internship: Audio Editor

"I feel fortunate to have been an intern at Glossika. As a student without too much work experience, I’m very happy to have learned so much before I graduate from school!"

Yong-Qing Zhang, Shih Hsin University


At the beginning of my job search, I was browsing through job listings at an employment agency site. When I saw that Glossika was recruiting interns for audio production, I submitted my resume immediately. My major is in radio, television & film, so I was hoping that I can learn a great deal during my time here at Glossika. I had learned to use Adobe Audition (an audio recording & editing software) as well as a method for radio/sound mixing at school, but here, we were taught to deal with just audio files (no visual) and getting rid of saliva noises.

During the internship program, I also happened to be getting ready for my graduation project. I was glad to meet so many talented people at work while learning the techniques to edit sound files.

While I was working on audio (sound) editing, I faced the challenge of staying calm and on top of my responsibilities in order to keep up with my work progress. Since I can get quite impatient and distracted easily, sometimes my productivity suffered. However, the pressure from work actually served as a great way for me to develop persistence, so I was able to stay focused on what I needed to do. In addition, I’m grateful for my team’s kind assistance whenever I needed a hand -- it’s truly a great blessing to work with people who are supportive and generous in sharing what they know.

I feel fortunate to have been an intern at Glossika. As a student without too much work experience, I’m very happy to have learned so much before I graduate from school!

Yu-Ting Liao, Tamkang University


Growth & Gain

With my university life coming to an end, my journey as an intern is ending, too. During these four months, Thursdays and Fridays have been the most fulfilling days of the week for me. On these two days, I get up at seven and go to work at nine. With a cup of coffee in hand, I put on my earphones and start a day of editing audio files.

It takes a lot of focus and observation to find the “right spot” in the audio files for editing. When I first started working at Glossika, with no previous experience of the Adobe Audition software, I was actually very unfamiliar with audio editing and quite insensitive toward the sound difference. Thus, I could only follow my instincts and take wild guesses on where I needed to edit the files - not the best feeling in the world. On top of that, I was also afraid of not being competent or qualified enough for this job.

However, as I began listening to and editing over hundreds of thousands of audio files, I gradually realized that “practice makes perfect” is an important outlook for my work process. I transformed from being a struggling listener, who could not find the exact place to edit, to a keen and observant listener that can easily spot many noises within the files. The time-spent for me to edit each file also decreased dramatically. The sense of accomplishment from these breakthrough moments were great motivations for me!

Interns, But Not Just Interns

At Glossika, aside from my job on editing audio files, I was given the opportunity to learn different languages with audio and other learning resources. This marked my first experience of learning Korean using a great amount of listening materials. Every week, the audio editing production team holds meetings to discuss work schedule and problem solving strategies. Through communicating and viewing through meeting minutes, student interns may exchange their understanding of the job with each other. For instance, the Danish project we presented in April was the perfect opportunity for us to not only work as a team, but also gave our best shot on stage.

Based on my internship experience here, I truly feel that Glossika provides a well thought-out internship program, where I was given full attention and treated with kindness. It’s my pleasure to meet everyone at Glossika during these four months while gaining invaluable experiences at the end of my student life.

Jia-Yuan Xiao, Da-Yeh University


When I took a class for Sound Editing in my junior year, it was my first time learning how to use Adobe Audition, and also a time for me to comprehend the concept of “sound” more deeply. While I had a chance to intern at the National Education Radio last summer, I learned valuable lessons like how to broadcast news on the radio. I was astonished to find that multiple tracks and different sounds were combined to make one single sound file being played on the radio. I thought that was so cool!

I didn’t adapt right away when I first started the internship program at Glossika. While working at the radio station, we had to make sure that the soundtrack and sound effects were suitable for the radio program. However, audio editing required a deeper explore to ensure the quality of sound. Our job at Glossika was to remove all the unnecessary “noises” in a speaker’s speech, namely saliva, murmur, or electronic noises.

In the beginning, it was just hard, especially when we weren’t sure if what we heard were actually noises, a pronunciation mistake, or just the natural accent of the speaker. We had to be careful and pay very close attention when listening to the sound files while learning to recognize the accent of different languages.

I learned so much during my work here. Not only my listening skills improved a lot, I can also observe the different accents more easily. Glossika’s internship program is definitely a great challenge, but the rewards and personal growth is totally worth it!


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