I recently calculated the readings of several thousand Chinese characters based on the categories given in old dictionaries. The data presented here is unique given the fact that I retain the palatal endings that can still be detected in Sino-Viet and Hokkien (Southern Min) colloquial pronunciations.

The following table lists the rhyme class 中古韻攝, the rounding 中古呼, the division or grade 中古等, and the tone 中古調類 all in the first column, with example characters with their Middle Chinese Readings in the second column. Tone contours have been approximated based on descriptions.

The organization of this data is important in doing analysis in several areas. I'm particularly interested in the fast acquisition of vocabulary through a phenomenon known as phonesthemes (Br: phonæsthemes). My intuition has revealed several remarkable discoveries hitherto unpublished elsewhere on the modern Chinese vocabulary based specifically on the semantics of rhymes so this is the first step towards a mass organization.

Before we get started — we've recently partnered with Outlier Linguistics. Their founders, John and Ash, are capable linguists and have created a few excellent English-language courses on Classical Chinese. If you're at all interested in this, I strongly recommend checking out:


Here at Glossika we process a lot of Chinese characters. We offer courses for Chinese (Beijing) and Chinese (Taiwan), Taiwanese Hokkien, Hakka (Sixian) and Hakka (Hailu), Cantonese and China's secret dialect, Wenzhounese. All of these courses include dialect characters, universal pinyin, IPA, and detailed rendering of tone sandhi.

I'm currently helping someone acquire vocabulary in Japanese at an accelerated rate. We're analyzing the Kun-yomi (native Japanese) and On-yomi (borrowed Chinese) extensively. If you do not know it already, a great majority of vocabulary in Japanese was borrowed from Chinese at three different points in time. The pronunciations came into Japanese slightly different for the same word (or Chinese character). The Go-on 吳音 represent the most traditional pronunciations closest to the Middle Chinese readings presented here, although curiously a great majority of pronunciations have switched to /-o-/ and long /-ou/ throughout. The Kan-on 漢音 come from a later period from northern China and are closer to Mandarin pronunciations. Finally, the latest Tou-on 唐音 pronunciations represent the smallest number of loans and are even closer to Mandarin pronunciations in that they maintain the Mandarin endings of /-ng/ as /-n/.

How else can the data be used below? If you're learning to read Chinese characters, upon closer look at the data you should discover that many of the characters grouped together have the same components. These similar components are no coincidence, in fact, they are part of the "phonetic" compound of the character telling you approximately what kind of pronunciation the character has. Most of the phonetic compound characters also fall into onset categories (depends on the type of initial consonant), and although I didn't list that data in the chart below, all the characters are listed in the exact same onset order (which was ordered automatically). And it just so happens that there are 213 of these categories, approximately the same number of radicals in Chinese.

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If you'd like to find out more about how to learn Chinese characters from phonetic compounds, I strongly recommend Olle Linge's article Phonetic components, part 1: The key to 80% of all Chinese characters

Since the amount of data presented here is very long, I'm posting it into two different articles.

Read: Middle Chinese Readings- Part 2

中古韻攝、呼、等、調Sample Characters with Middle Chinese Readings
假合二上踝ɣa˩˧, 傻ʂa˧˥, 瓦ŋa˩˧, 剮k⁼a˧˥, 寡k⁼a˧˥, 寡k⁼a˧˥
假合二去華ɣa˧˩, 化xa˥˧, 化xa˥˧, 胯kʰa˥˧, 跨kʰa˥˧, 瓦ŋa˧˩
假合二平划ɣa˧, 華ɣa˧, 樺ɣa˧, 鏵ɣa˧, 驊ɣa˧, 哇a˥, 洼a˥, 蛙a˥, 窪a˥, 花xa˥, 華xa˥, 譁xa˥, 夸kʰa˥, 誇kʰa˥, 髽tʂ⁼a˥, 瓜k⁼a˥, 媧k⁼a˥, 蝸k⁼a˥, 緺k⁼a˥
假開三上也ʎja˩˧, 冶ʎja˩˧, 野ʎja˩˧, 舍ɕja˧˥, 捨ɕja˧˥, 寫sja˧˥, 若ɲja˩˧, 惹ɲja˩˧, 乜mja˩˧, 乜mja˩˧, 且ʦʰja˧˥, 且ʦʰja˧˥, 者c⁼ja˧˥, 者c⁼ja˧˥, 赭c⁼ja˧˥, 社ʑja˩˧, 扯cʰja˧˥, 撦cʰja˧˥, 姐ʦ⁼ja˧˥
假開三去夜ʎja˧˩, 舍ɕja˥˧, 厙ɕja˥˧, 赦ɕja˥˧, 褯ʣja˧˩, 藉ʣja˧˩, 卸sja˥˧, 瀉sja˥˧, 炙c⁼ja˥˧, 柘c⁼ja˥˧, 蔗c⁼ja˥˧, 蟅c⁼ja˥˧, 鷓c⁼ja˥˧, 射ɟja˧˩, 麝ɟja˧˩, 借ʦ⁼ja˥˧, 唶ʦ⁼ja˥˧, 榭zja˧˩, 謝zja˧˩
假開三平邪ʎja˧, 耶ʎja˧, 琊ʎja˧, 椰ʎja˧, 奢ɕja˥, 畬ɕja˥, 賒ɕja˥, 些sja˥, 遮c⁼ja˥, 爹ʈja˥, 蛇ɟja˧, 佘ʑja˧, 鉈ʑja˧, 車cʰja˥, 硨cʰja˥, 嗟ʦ⁼ja˥, 邪zja˧, 斜zja˧
假開二上下ɣa˩˧, 夏ɣa˩˧, 廈ɣa˩˧, 把p⁼a˧˥, 啞a˧˥, 啞a˧˥, 奼ʈʰa˧˥, 馬ma˩˧, 碼ma˩˧, 灑ʂa˧˥, 疋ŋa˩˧, 雅ŋa˩˧, 痄tʂ⁼a˧˥, 鮓tʂ⁼a˧˥, 假k⁼a˧˥, 斝k⁼a˧˥, 賈k⁼a˧˥, 嘏k⁼a˧˥, 嘏k⁼a˧˥, 瘕k⁼a˧˥, 檟k⁼a˧˥
假開二去杷ba˧˩, 耙ba˧˩, 暇ɣa˧˩, 靶p⁼a˥˧, 霸p⁼a˥˧, 灞p⁼a˥˧, 乍dʐa˧˩, 蜡dʐa˧˩, 亞a˥˧, 婭a˥˧, 詫ʈʰa˥˧, 罵ma˧˩, 禡ma˧˩, 唬xa˥˧, 唬xa˥˧, 嚇xa˥˧, 罅xa˥˧, 髂kʰa˥˧, 帊pʰa˥˧, 帕pʰa˥˧, 怕pʰa˥˧, 沙ʂa˥˧, 嗄ʂa˥˧, 迓ŋa˧˩, 砑ŋa˧˩, 訝ŋa˧˩, 吒ʈa˥˧, 奓ʈa˥˧, 咋tʂ⁼a˥˧, 詐tʂ⁼a˥˧, 溠tʂ⁼a˥˧, 榨tʂ⁼a˥˧, 醡tʂ⁼a˥˧, 架k⁼a˥˧, 假k⁼a˥˧, 嫁k⁼a˥˧, 椵k⁼a˥˧, 價k⁼a˥˧, 稼k⁼a˥˧, 駕k⁼a˥˧
假開二平杷ba˧, 爬ba˧, 耙ba˧, 琶ba˧, 叉tʂʰa˥, 杈tʂʰa˥, 差tʂʰa˥, 瑕ɣa˧, 遐ɣa˧, 蝦ɣa˧, 霞ɣa˧, 拏ɳa˧, 拿ɳa˧, 挐ɳa˧, 巴p⁼a˥, 吧p⁼a˥, 芭p⁼a˥, 笆p⁼a˥, 查dʐa˧, 查dʐa˧, 查dʐa˧, 楂dʐa˧, 楂dʐa˧, 槎dʐa˧, 槎dʐa˧, 丫a˥, 椏a˥, 鴉a˥, 麻ma˧, 麻ma˧, 痲ma˧, 蟆ma˧, 呀xa˥, 岈xa˥, 葩pʰa˥, 茶ɖa˧, 茶ɖa˧, 沙ʂa˥, 砂ʂa˥, 紗ʂa˥, 裟ʂa˥, 鯊ʂa˥, 牙ŋa˧, 呀ŋa˧, 芽ŋa˧, 枒ŋa˧, 衙ŋa˧, 奓ʈa˥, 渣tʂ⁼a˥, 樝tʂ⁼a˥, 皻tʂ⁼a˥, 加k⁼a˥, 茄k⁼a˥, 迦k⁼a˥, 枷k⁼a˥, 珈k⁼a˥, 家k⁼a˥, 痂k⁼a˥, 袈k⁼a˥, 笳k⁼a˥, 跏k⁼a˥, 葭k⁼a˥, 嘉k⁼a˥, 瘕k⁼a˥
咸合三上犯vyam˩˧, 范vyam˩˧, 範vyam˩˧
咸合三入乏vyap˧, 法f⁼yap˥
咸合三去梵vyam˧˩, 氾fʰyam˥˧, 氾fʰyam˥˧, 汎fʰyam˥˧, 汎fʰyam˥˧, 泛fʰyam˥˧, 泛fʰyam˥˧
咸合三平凡vyam˧, 氾vyam˧, 帆vyam˧
咸開一上壈lɑm˩˧, 爁lɑm˩˧, 覽lɑm˩˧, 攬lɑm˩˧, 欖lɑm˩˧, 菡ɣɑm˩˧, 頜ɣɑm˩˧, 撼ɣɑm˩˧, 頷ɣɑm˩˧, 啖dɑm˩˧, 啗dɑm˩˧, 淡dɑm˩˧, 萏dɑm˩˧, 窞dɑm˩˧, 窞dɑm˩˧, 噉dɑm˩˧, 澹dɑm˩˧, 禫dɑm˩˧, 嵌ʣɑm˩˧, 槧ʣɑm˩˧, 鏨ʣɑm˩˧, 糝sɑm˧˥, 喊xɑm˧˥, 腩nɑm˩˧, 慘ʦʰɑm˧˥, 黲ʦʰɑm˧˥, 黲ʦʰɑm˧˥, 坎kʰɑm˧˥, 埳kʰɑm˧˥, 歁kʰɑm˧˥, 膽t⁼ɑm˧˥, 黵t⁼ɑm˧˥, 昝ʦ⁼ɑm˧˥, 敢k⁼ɑm˧˥, 敢k⁼ɑm˧˥, 感k⁼ɑm˧˥, 澉k⁼ɑm˧˥, 橄k⁼ɑm˧˥, 毯tʰɑm˧˥
咸開一入拉lɑp˧, 臘lɑp˧, 邋lɑp˧, 蠟lɑp˧, 鑞lɑp˧, 合ɣɑp˧, 郃ɣɑp˧, 盍ɣɑp˧, 盒ɣɑp˧, 闔ɣɑp˧, 沓dɑp˧, 蹋dɑp˧, 搕ɑp˥, 雜ʣɑp˧, 卅sɑp˥, 卅sɑp˥, 趿sɑp˥, 趿sɑp˥, 靸sɑp˥, 靸sɑp˥, 颯sɑp˥, 霅sɑp˥, 納nɑp˧, 衲nɑp˧, 溘kʰɑp˥, 榼kʰɑp˥, 磕kʰɑp˥, 譫c⁼ɑp˥, 哈ŋɑp˧, 耷t⁼ɑp˥, 荅t⁼ɑp˥, 答t⁼ɑp˥, 嗒t⁼ɑp˥, 搨t⁼ɑp˥, 瘩t⁼ɑp˥, 褡t⁼ɑp˥, 褡t⁼ɑp˥, 匝ʦ⁼ɑp˥, 咂ʦ⁼ɑp˥, 嘁ʦ⁼ɑp˥, 合k⁼ɑp˥, 佮k⁼ɑp˥, 砝k⁼ɑp˥, 蛤k⁼ɑp˥, 蛤k⁼ɑp˥, 嗑k⁼ɑp˥, 鉀k⁼ɑp˥, 蓋k⁼ɑp˥, 蓋k⁼ɑp˥, 閤k⁼ɑp˥, 閤k⁼ɑp˥, 頜k⁼ɑp˥, 鴿k⁼ɑp˥, 塔tʰɑp˥, 搭tʰɑp˥, 嗒tʰɑp˥, 榻tʰɑp˥, 漯tʰɑp˥, 漯tʰɑp˥, 遢tʰɑp˥, 踏tʰɑp˥, 錔tʰɑp˥, 鰈tʰɑp˥, 鰨tʰɑp˥
咸開一去濫lɑm˧˩, 纜lɑm˧˩, 憾ɣɑm˧˩, 啖dɑm˧˩, 啗dɑm˧˩, 澹dɑm˧˩, 暗ɑm˥˧, 闇ɑm˥˧, 暫ʣɑm˧˩, 鏨ʣɑm˧˩, 三sɑm˥˧, 勘kʰɑm˥˧, 勘kʰɑm˥˧, 磡kʰɑm˥˧, 瞰kʰɑm˥˧, 闞kʰɑm˥˧, 儑ŋɑm˧˩, 擔t⁼ɑm˥˧, 淦k⁼ɑm˥˧, 紺k⁼ɑm˥˧, 贛k⁼ɑm˥˧, 探tʰɑm˥˧, 撢tʰɑm˥˧, 賧tʰɑm˥˧
咸開一平婪lɑm˧, 嵐lɑm˧, 藍lɑm˧, 籃lɑm˧, 襤lɑm˧, 襤lɑm˧, 含ɣɑm˧, 函ɣɑm˧, 邯ɣɑm˧, 涵ɣɑm˧, 酣ɣɑm˧, 郯dɑm˧, 覃dɑm˧, 覃dɑm˧, 痰dɑm˧, 潭dɑm˧, 談dɑm˧, 談dɑm˧, 曇dɑm˧, 澹dɑm˧, 燂dɑm˧, 蕁dɑm˧, 罈dɑm˧, 罈dɑm˧, 譚dɑm˧, 鐔dɑm˧, 庵ɑm˥, 菴ɑm˥, 諳ɑm˥, 盦ɑm˥, 鵪ɑm˥, 慚ʣɑm˧, 蠶ʣɑm˧, 三sɑm˥, 參sɑm˥, 鬖sɑm˥, 蚶xɑm˥, 憨xɑm˥, 男nɑm˧, 南nɑm˧, 楠nɑm˧, 參ʦʰɑm˥, 驂ʦʰɑm˥, 坩kʰɑm˥, 坩kʰɑm˥, 堪kʰɑm˥, 戡kʰɑm˥, 龕kʰɑm˥, 眈t⁼ɑm˥, 耽t⁼ɑm˥, 酖t⁼ɑm˥, 儋t⁼ɑm˥, 擔t⁼ɑm˥, 篸ʦ⁼ɑm˥, 簪ʦ⁼ɑm˥, 甘k⁼ɑm˥, 泔k⁼ɑm˥, 柑k⁼ɑm˥, 坍tʰɑm˥, 貪tʰɑm˥, 聃tʰɑm˥, 撢tʰɑm˥
咸開三上撿ljam˩˧, 斂ljam˩˧, 蘞ljam˩˧, 剡ʎjam˩˧, 琰ʎjam˩˧, 閃ɕjam˧˥, 陝ɕjam˧˥, 陜ɕjam˧˥, 睒ɕjam˧˥, 貶p⁼jam˧˥, 奄jam˧˥, 弇jam˧˥, 掩jam˧˥, 揜jam˧˥, 罨jam˧˥, 裺jam˧˥, 厴jam˧˥, 魘jam˧˥, 黶jam˧˥, 漸ʣjam˩˧, 諂ʈʰjam˧˥, 冉ɲjam˩˧, 染ɲjam˩˧, 苒ɲjam˩˧, 險xjam˧˥, 嶮xjam˧˥, 獫xjam˧˥, 玁xjam˧˥, 儼ŋjam˩˧, 剡ʑjam˩˧, 芡ɡjam˩˧, 芡ɡjam˩˧, 儉ɡjam˩˧, 檢k⁼jam˧˥, 瞼k⁼jam˧˥
咸開三入獵ljap˧, 躐ljap˧, 鬣ljap˧, 葉ʎjap˧, 聶ɳjap˧, 躡ɳjap˧, 鑷ɳjap˧, 歙ɕjap˥, 攝ɕjap˥, 灄ɕjap˥, 靨jap˥, 捷ʣjap˧, 囁ɲjap˧, 顳ɲjap˧, 脅xjap˥, 愶xjap˥, 妾ʦʰjap˥, 怯kʰjap˥, 抾kʰjap˥, 曄jap˧, 燁jap˧, 摺c⁼jap˥, 慴c⁼jap˥, 懾c⁼jap˥, 讋c⁼jap˥, 霎ʂjap˥, 業ŋjap˧, 鄴ŋjap˧, 輒ʈjap˥, 涉ʑjap˧, 接ʦ⁼jap˥, 婕ʦ⁼jap˥, 楫ʦ⁼jap˥, 楫ʦ⁼jap˥, 睫ʦ⁼jap˥, 劫k⁼jap˥, 袷k⁼jap˥
咸開三去殮ljam˧˩, 瀲ljam˧˩, 焰ʎjam˧˩, 焱ʎjam˧˩, 燄ʎjam˧˩, 艷ʎjam˧˩, 鹽ʎjam˧˩, 豔ʎjam˧˩, 灩ʎjam˧˩, 苫ɕjam˥˧, 掞ɕjam˥˧, 窆p⁼jam˥˧, 俺jam˥˧, 俺jam˥˧, 厭jam˥˧, 饜jam˥˧, 塹ʦʰjam˥˧, 槧ʦʰjam˥˧, 欠kʰjam˥˧, 占c⁼jam˥˧, 佔c⁼jam˥˧, 驗ŋjam˧˩, 釅ŋjam˧˩, 贍ʑjam˧˩, 劍k⁼jam˥˧
咸開三平帘ljam˧, 廉ljam˧, 奩ljam˧, 磏ljam˧, 鎌ljam˧, 簾ljam˧, 蠊ljam˧, 鐮ljam˧, 阽ʎjam˧, 閻ʎjam˧, 檐ʎjam˧, 簷ʎjam˧, 鹽ʎjam˧, 粘ɳjam˧, 黏ɳjam˧, 苫ɕjam˥, 痁ɕjam˥, 砭p⁼jam˥, 淹jam˥, 崦jam˥, 腌jam˥, 腌jam˥, 醃jam˥, 醃jam˥, 閹jam˥, 懨jam˥, 潛ʣjam˧, 覘ʈʰjam˥, 覘ʈʰjam˥, 纖sjam˥, 冉ɲjam˧, 柟ɲjam˧, 蚺ɲjam˧, 髯ɲjam˧, 杴xjam˥, 蘞xjam˥, 僉ʦʰjam˥, 簽ʦʰjam˥, 籤ʦʰjam˥, 炎jam˧, 炎jam˧, 占c⁼jam˥, 詹c⁼jam˥, 瞻c⁼jam˥, 嚴ŋjam˧, 嚴ŋjam˧, 沾ʈjam˥, 沾ʈjam˥, 霑ʈjam˥, 霑ʈjam˥, 撏ʑjam˧, 蟾ʑjam˧, 妗cʰjam˥, 尖ʦ⁼jam˥, 漸ʦ⁼jam˥, 殲ʦ⁼jam˥, 殲ʦ⁼jam˥, 拑ɡjam˧, 鈐ɡjam˧, 鉗ɡjam˧, 箝ɡjam˧, 黔ɡjam˧
咸開二上臉lam˩˧, 喊ɣam˩˧, 撖ɣam˩˧, 檻ɣam˩˧, 檻ɣam˩˧, 艦ɣam˩˧, 嶄dʐam˩˧, 黯am˧˥, 喊xam˧˥, 闞xam˧˥, 歉kʰam˧˥, 湛ɖam˩˧, 摻ʂam˧˥, 摻ʂam˧˥, 斬tʂ⁼am˧˥, 減k⁼am˧˥, 鹼k⁼am˧˥
咸開二入臿tʂʰap˥, 插tʂʰap˥, 鍤tʂʰap˥, 匣ɣap˧, 狎ɣap˧, 洽ɣap˧, 峽ɣap˧, 狹ɣap˧, 祫ɣap˧, 笚ɣap˧, 煠dʐap˧, 凹ap˥, 押ap˥, 閘ap˥, 鴨ap˥, 壓ap˥, 呷xap˥, 恰kʰap˥, 掐kʰap˥, 喋ɖap˧, 霎ʂap˥, 劄ʈap˥, 眨tʂ⁼ap˥, 甲k⁼ap˥, 夾k⁼ap˥, 胛k⁼ap˥, 郟k⁼ap˥, 袷k⁼ap˥, 鉀k⁼ap˥, 裌k⁼ap˥
咸開二去懺tʂʰam˥˧, 陷ɣam˧˩, 檻ɣam˧˩, 鬫xam˥˧, 歉kʰam˥˧, 賺ɖam˧˩, 釤ʂam˥˧, 站ʈam˥˧, 蘸tʂ⁼am˥˧, 監k⁼am˥˧, 鑑k⁼am˥˧, 鑒k⁼am˥˧
咸開二平攙tʂʰam˥, 函ɣam˧, 咸ɣam˧, 啣ɣam˧, 銜ɣam˧, 鹹ɣam˧, 喃ɳam˧, 巉dʐam˧, 巉dʐam˧, 讒dʐam˧, 讒dʐam˧, 饞dʐam˧, 饞dʐam˧, 鑱dʐam˧, 淊am˥, 妗xam˥, 嵌kʰam˥, 杉ʂam˥, 芟ʂam˥, 衫ʂam˥, 摻ʂam˥, 穇ʂam˥, 櫼ʂam˥, 喦ŋam˧, 嵒ŋam˧, 巖ŋam˧, 監k⁼am˥, 緘k⁼am˥, 尷k⁼am˥
咸開四上扂djam˩˧, 簟djam˩˧, 嗛kʰjam˧˥, 歉kʰjam˧˥, 玷t⁼jam˧˥, 點t⁼jam˧˥, 忝tʰjam˧˥
咸開四入協ɣjap˧, 俠ɣjap˧, 俠ɣjap˧, 挾ɣjap˧, 勰ɣjap˧, 喋djap˧, 堞djap˧, 揲djap˧, 牒djap˧, 蝶djap˧, 諜djap˧, 蹀djap˧, 疊djap˧, 疊djap˧, 蜨sjap˥, 屧sjap˥, 燮sjap˥, 躞sjap˥, 捻njap˧, 捻njap˧, 攝njap˧, 愜kʰjap˥, 篋kʰjap˥, 浹ʦ⁼jap˥, 莢k⁼jap˥, 蛺k⁼jap˥, 鋏k⁼jap˥, 頰k⁼jap˥, 帖tʰjap˥, 貼tʰjap˥
咸開四去念njam˧˩, 店t⁼jam˥˧, 坫t⁼jam˥˧, 唸t⁼jam˥˧, 墊t⁼jam˥˧, 墊t⁼jam˥˧, 僭ʦ⁼jam˥˧, 僭ʦ⁼jam˥˧, 忝tʰjam˥˧
咸開四平濂ljam˧, 嫌ɣjam˧, 恬djam˧, 甜djam˧, 湉djam˧, 菾djam˧, 妗xjam˥, 拈njam˧, 謙kʰjam˥, 敁t⁼jam˥, 兼k⁼jam˥, 蒹k⁼jam˥, 縑k⁼jam˥, 鰜k⁼jam˥, 鶼k⁼jam˥, 添tʰjam˥
宕合一上晃ɣuɑŋ˩˧, 晃ɣuɑŋ˩˧, 晃ɣuɑŋ˩˧, 幌ɣuɑŋ˩˧, 皝ɣuɑŋ˩˧, 慌xuɑŋ˧˥, 慌xuɑŋ˧˥, 謊xuɑŋ˧˥, 廣k⁼uɑŋ˧˥, 鄺k⁼uɑŋ˧˥
宕合一入穫ɣuɑk˧, 鑊ɣuɑk˧, 蠖uɑk˥, 霍xuɑk˥, 攉xuɑk˥, 藿xuɑk˥, 廓kʰuɑk˥, 漷kʰuɑk˥, 籗kʰuɑk˥, 郭k⁼uɑk˥, 崞k⁼uɑk˥, 槨k⁼uɑk˥
宕合一去擴ɣuɑŋ˧˩, 壙kʰuɑŋ˥˧, 曠kʰuɑŋ˥˧, 纊kʰuɑŋ˥˧
宕合一平皇ɣuɑŋ˧, 凰ɣuɑŋ˧, 徨ɣuɑŋ˧, 惶ɣuɑŋ˧, 湟ɣuɑŋ˧, 隍ɣuɑŋ˧, 黃ɣuɑŋ˧, 煌ɣuɑŋ˧, 遑ɣuɑŋ˧, 篁ɣuɑŋ˧, 蝗ɣuɑŋ˧, 潢ɣuɑŋ˧, 璜ɣuɑŋ˧, 簧ɣuɑŋ˧, 蟥ɣuɑŋ˧, 汪uɑŋ˥, 尪uɑŋ˥, 肓xuɑŋ˥, 荒xuɑŋ˥, 光k⁼uɑŋ˥, 恍k⁼uɑŋ˥, 洸k⁼uɑŋ˥, 胱k⁼uɑŋ˥, 桄k⁼uɑŋ˥
宕合三上枉yaŋ˧˥, 网ɱyaŋ˩˧, 罔ɱyaŋ˩˧, 惘ɱyaŋ˩˧, 網ɱyaŋ˩˧, 輞ɱyaŋ˩˧, 魍ɱyaŋ˩˧, 仿fʰyaŋ˧˥, 彷fʰyaŋ˧˥, 紡fʰyaŋ˧˥, 怳xyaŋ˧˥, 往yaŋ˩˧, 獷k⁼yaŋ˧˥, 倣f⁼yaŋ˧˥
宕合三入縛vyak˧, 矍k⁼yak˥, 攫k⁼yak˥, 钁k⁼yak˥
宕合三去妄ɱyaŋ˧˩, 忘ɱyaŋ˧˩, 望ɱyaŋ˧˩, 訪fʰyaŋ˥˧, 況xyaŋ˥˧, 貺xyaŋ˥˧, 王yaŋ˧˩, 旺yaŋ˧˩, 誆ɡyaŋ˧˩, 誆ɡyaŋ˧˩, 逛k⁼yaŋ˥˧, 誑k⁼yaŋ˥˧, 放f⁼yaŋ˥˧, 舫f⁼yaŋ˥˧
宕合三平防vyaŋ˧, 房vyaŋ˧, 魴vyaŋ˧, 亡ɱyaŋ˧, 邙ɱyaŋ˧, 杗ɱyaŋ˧, 芒ɱyaŋ˧, 硭ɱyaŋ˧, 鋩ɱyaŋ˧, 妨fʰyaŋ˥, 芳fʰyaŋ˥, 匡kʰyaŋ˥, 洭kʰyaŋ˥, 框kʰyaŋ˥, 眶kʰyaŋ˥, 筐kʰyaŋ˥, 王yaŋ˧, 狂ɡyaŋ˧, 鵟ɡyaŋ˧, 方f⁼yaŋ˥, 坊f⁼yaŋ˥, 邡f⁼yaŋ˥, 枋f⁼yaŋ˥, 肪f⁼yaŋ˥, 鈁f⁼yaŋ˥
宕開一上朗lɑŋ˩˧, 吭ɣɑŋ˩˧, 吭ɣɑŋ˩˧, 沆ɣɑŋ˩˧, 骯ɣɑŋ˩˧, 蕩dɑŋ˩˧, 盪dɑŋ˩˧, 榜p⁼ɑŋ˧˥, 牓p⁼ɑŋ˧˥, 蒡p⁼ɑŋ˧˥, 奘ʣɑŋ˩˧, 磉sɑŋ˧˥, 顙sɑŋ˧˥, 莽mɑŋ˩˧, 漭mɑŋ˩˧, 蟒mɑŋ˩˧, 曩nɑŋ˩˧, 慷kʰɑŋ˧˥, 黨t⁼ɑŋ˧˥, 讜t⁼ɑŋ˧˥, 駔ʦ⁼ɑŋ˧˥, 髒ʦ⁼ɑŋ˧˥, 帑tʰɑŋ˧˥, 倘tʰɑŋ˧˥, 惝tʰɑŋ˧˥, 儻tʰɑŋ˧˥, 攩tʰɑŋ˧˥
宕開一入泊bɑk˧, 亳bɑk˧, 箔bɑk˧, 薄bɑk˧, 礡bɑk˧, 洛lɑk˧, 烙lɑk˧, 珞lɑk˧, 硌lɑk˧, 絡lɑk˧, 落lɑk˧, 酪lɑk˧, 鉻lɑk˧, 雒lɑk˧, 樂lɑk˧, 駱lɑk˧, 濼lɑk˧, 躒lɑk˧, 佫ɣɑk˧, 涸ɣɑk˧, 貉ɣɑk˧, 貉ɣɑk˧, 鶴ɣɑk˧, 度dɑk˧, 踱dɑk˧, 鐸dɑk˧, 博p⁼ɑk˥, 博p⁼ɑk˥, 搏p⁼ɑk˥, 搏p⁼ɑk˥, 簙p⁼ɑk˥, 鎛p⁼ɑk˥, 餺p⁼ɑk˥, 欂p⁼ɑk˥, 堊ɑk˥, 埡ɑk˥, 惡ɑk˥, 岝ʣɑk˧, 怍ʣɑk˧, 昨ʣɑk˧, 柞ʣɑk˧, 苲ʣɑk˧, 砟ʣɑk˧, 笮ʣɑk˧, 酢ʣɑk˧, 筰ʣɑk˧, 鑿ʣɑk˧, 索sɑk˥, 莫mɑk˧, 寞mɑk˧, 幕mɑk˧, 漠mɑk˧, 鄚mɑk˧, 膜mɑk˧, 瘼mɑk˧, 鏌mɑk˧, 郝xɑk˥, 壑xɑk˥, 諾nɑk˧, 錯ʦʰɑk˥, 恪kʰɑk˥, 粕pʰɑk˥, 膊pʰɑk˥, 愕ŋɑk˧, 鄂ŋɑk˧, 萼ŋɑk˧, 噩ŋɑk˧, 鍔ŋɑk˧, 顎ŋɑk˧, 鶚ŋɑk˧, 齶ŋɑk˧, 鱷ŋɑk˧, 作ʦ⁼ɑk˥, 柞ʦ⁼ɑk˥, 各k⁼ɑk˥, 胳k⁼ɑk˥, 袼k⁼ɑk˥, 閣k⁼ɑk˥, 托tʰɑk˥, 拓tʰɑk˥, 柝tʰɑk˥, 託tʰɑk˥, 飥tʰɑk˥, 魄tʰɑk˥, 橐tʰɑk˥, 蘀tʰɑk˥, 籜tʰɑk˥
宕開一去傍bɑŋ˧˩, 浪lɑŋ˧˩, 埌lɑŋ˧˩, 莨lɑŋ˧˩, 閬lɑŋ˧˩, 行ɣɑŋ˧˩, 宕dɑŋ˧˩, 碭dɑŋ˧˩, 搒p⁼ɑŋ˥˧, 謗p⁼ɑŋ˥˧, 盎ɑŋ˥˧, 奘ʣɑŋ˧˩, 藏ʣɑŋ˧˩, 喪sɑŋ˥˧, 亢kʰɑŋ˥˧, 伉kʰɑŋ˥˧, 抗kʰɑŋ˥˧, 炕kʰɑŋ˥˧, 閌kʰɑŋ˥˧, 當t⁼ɑŋ˥˧, 擋t⁼ɑŋ˥˧, 葬ʦ⁼ɑŋ˥˧, 鋼k⁼ɑŋ˥˧, 燙tʰɑŋ˥˧, 鐋tʰɑŋ˥˧
宕開一平彷bɑŋ˧, 房bɑŋ˧, 旁bɑŋ˧, 傍bɑŋ˧, 徬bɑŋ˧, 膀bɑŋ˧, 膀bɑŋ˧, 螃bɑŋ˧, 郎lɑŋ˧, 狼lɑŋ˧, 琅lɑŋ˧, 桹lɑŋ˧, 莨lɑŋ˧, 廊lɑŋ˧, 硠lɑŋ˧, 榔lɑŋ˧, 瑯lɑŋ˧, 蜋lɑŋ˧, 螂lɑŋ˧, 鋃lɑŋ˧, 閬lɑŋ˧, 行ɣɑŋ˧, 吭ɣɑŋ˧, 杭ɣɑŋ˧, 桁ɣɑŋ˧, 航ɣɑŋ˧, 頏ɣɑŋ˧, 唐dɑŋ˧, 堂dɑŋ˧, 棠dɑŋ˧, 塘dɑŋ˧, 搪dɑŋ˧, 搪dɑŋ˧, 溏dɑŋ˧, 糖dɑŋ˧, 螗dɑŋ˧, 螳dɑŋ˧, 赯dɑŋ˧, 幫p⁼ɑŋ˥, 藏ʣɑŋ˧, 桑sɑŋ˥, 喪sɑŋ˥, 忙mɑŋ˧, 邙mɑŋ˧, 杗mɑŋ˧, 盲mɑŋ˧, 茫mɑŋ˧, 囊nɑŋ˧, 囊nɑŋ˧, 倉ʦʰɑŋ˥, 滄ʦʰɑŋ˥, 蒼ʦʰɑŋ˥, 蒼ʦʰɑŋ˥, 鶬ʦʰɑŋ˥, 康kʰɑŋ˥, 糠kʰɑŋ˥, 滂pʰɑŋ˥, 磅pʰɑŋ˥, 鎊pʰɑŋ˥, 昂ŋɑŋ˧, 當t⁼ɑŋ˥, 檔t⁼ɑŋ˥, 璫t⁼ɑŋ˥, 襠t⁼ɑŋ˥, 簹t⁼ɑŋ˥, 簹t⁼ɑŋ˥, 鐺t⁼ɑŋ˥, 鐺t⁼ɑŋ˥, 臧ʦ⁼ɑŋ˥, 贓ʦ⁼ɑŋ˥, 亢k⁼ɑŋ˥, 岡k⁼ɑŋ˥, 剛k⁼ɑŋ˥, 崗k⁼ɑŋ˥, 堽k⁼ɑŋ˥, 綱k⁼ɑŋ˥, 鋼k⁼ɑŋ˥, 湯tʰɑŋ˥, 鏜tʰɑŋ˥, 鏜tʰɑŋ˥
宕開三上兩ljaŋ˩˧, 魎ljaŋ˩˧, 痒ʎjaŋ˩˧, 養ʎjaŋ˩˧, 癢ʎjaŋ˩˧, 賞ɕjaŋ˧˥, 鞅jaŋ˧˥, 昶ʈʰjaŋ˧˥, 昹ʈʰjaŋ˧˥, 想sjaŋ˧˥, 鯗sjaŋ˧˥, 壤ɲjaŋ˩˧, 攘ɲjaŋ˩˧, 享xjaŋ˧˥, 曏xjaŋ˧˥, 響xjaŋ˧˥, 響xjaŋ˧˥, 饗xjaŋ˧˥, 搶ʦʰjaŋ˧˥, 丈ɖjaŋ˩˧, 仗ɖjaŋ˩˧, 杖ɖjaŋ˩˧, 仉c⁼jaŋ˧˥, 掌c⁼jaŋ˧˥, 掌c⁼jaŋ˧˥, 爽ʂjaŋ˧˥, 仰ŋjaŋ˩˧, 長ʈjaŋ˧˥, 上ʑjaŋ˩˧, 上ʑjaŋ˩˧, 上ʑjaŋ˩˧, 敞cʰjaŋ˧˥, 廠cʰjaŋ˧˥, 氅cʰjaŋ˧˥, 槳ʦ⁼jaŋ˧˥, 獎ʦ⁼jaŋ˧˥, 獎ʦ⁼jaŋ˧˥, 蔣ʦ⁼jaŋ˧˥, 強ɡjaŋ˩˧, 彊ɡjaŋ˩˧, 膙k⁼jaŋ˧˥, 繈k⁼jaŋ˧˥, 襁k⁼jaŋ˧˥, 鏹k⁼jaŋ˧˥, 象zjaŋ˩˧, 像zjaŋ˩˧, 橡zjaŋ˩˧
宕開三入掠ljɑk˧, 略ljɑk˧, 龠ʎjɑk˧, 藥ʎjɑk˧, 櫟ʎjɑk˧, 瀹ʎjɑk˧, 躍ʎjɑk˧, 爚ʎjɑk˧, 籥ʎjɑk˧, 鑰ʎjɑk˧, 爍ɕjɑk˥, 鑠ɕjɑk˥, 約jɑk˥, 葯jɑk˥, 嚼ʣjɑk˧, 嚼ʣjɑk˧, 逴ʈʰjɑk˥, 削sjɑk˥, 若ɲjɑk˧, 弱ɲjɑk˧, 溺ɲjɑk˧, 蒻ɲjɑk˧, 箬ɲjɑk˧, 謔xjɑk˥, 碏ʦʰjɑk˥, 鵲ʦʰjɑk˥, 卻kʰjɑk˥, 著ɖjɑk˧, 妁c⁼jɑk˥, 灼c⁼jɑk˥, 斫c⁼jɑk˥, 酌c⁼jɑk˥, 焯c⁼jɑk˥, 繳c⁼jɑk˥, 虐ŋjɑk˧, 瘧ŋjɑk˧, 勺ʑjɑk˧, 杓ʑjɑk˧, 芍ʑjɑk˧, 綽cʰjɑk˥, 雀ʦ⁼jɑk˥, 雀ʦ⁼jɑk˥, 爵ʦ⁼jɑk˥, 噱ɡjɑk˧, 醵ɡjɑk˧, 腳k⁼jɑk˥
宕開三去亮ljaŋ˧˩, 亮ljaŋ˧˩, 悢ljaŋ˧˩, 涼ljaŋ˧˩, 量ljaŋ˧˩, 踉ljaŋ˧˩, 諒ljaŋ˧˩, 輛ljaŋ˧˩, 刱tʂʰjaŋ˥˧, 創tʂʰjaŋ˥˧, 愴tʂʰjaŋ˥˧, 恙ʎjaŋ˧˩, 漾ʎjaŋ˧˩, 樣ʎjaŋ˧˩, 颺ʎjaŋ˧˩, 瀁ʎjaŋ˧˩, 釀ɳjaŋ˧˩, 釀ɳjaŋ˧˩, 餉ɕjaŋ˥˧, 狀dʐjaŋ˧˩, 怏jaŋ˥˧, 匠ʣjaŋ˧˩, 匠ʣjaŋ˧˩, 鬯ʈʰjaŋ˥˧, 悵ʈʰjaŋ˥˧, 悵ʈʰjaŋ˥˧, 暢ʈʰjaŋ˥˧, 相sjaŋ˥˧, 讓ɲjaŋ˧˩, 向xjaŋ˥˧, 向xjaŋ˥˧, 嚮xjaŋ˥˧, 蹡ʦʰjaŋ˥˧, 仗ɖjaŋ˧˩, 障c⁼jaŋ˥˧, 嶂c⁼jaŋ˥˧, 瘴c⁼jaŋ˥˧, 帳ʈjaŋ˥˧, 脹ʈjaŋ˥˧, 漲ʈjaŋ˥˧, 漲ʈjaŋ˥˧, 尚ʑjaŋ˧˩, 倡cʰjaŋ˥˧, 倡cʰjaŋ˥˧, 唱cʰjaŋ˥˧, 唱cʰjaŋ˥˧, 將ʦ⁼jaŋ˥˧, 醬ʦ⁼jaŋ˥˧, 弶ɡjaŋ˧˩, 壯tʂ⁼jaŋ˥˧, 彊k⁼jaŋ˥˧
宕開三平良ljaŋ˧, 梁ljaŋ˧, 涼ljaŋ˧, 涼ljaŋ˧, 量ljaŋ˧, 粱ljaŋ˧, 粱ljaŋ˧, 踉ljaŋ˧, 樑ljaŋ˧, 輬ljaŋ˧, 糧ljaŋ˧, 創tʂʰjaŋ˥, 瘡tʂʰjaŋ˥, 羊ʎjaŋ˧, 佯ʎjaŋ˧, 徉ʎjaŋ˧, 洋ʎjaŋ˧, 烊ʎjaŋ˧, 揚ʎjaŋ˧, 揚ʎjaŋ˧, 陽ʎjaŋ˧, 暘ʎjaŋ˧, 楊ʎjaŋ˧, 煬ʎjaŋ˧, 瑒ʎjaŋ˧, 瘍ʎjaŋ˧, 颺ʎjaŋ˧, 娘ɳjaŋ˧, 孃ɳjaŋ˧, 瓤ɳjaŋ˧, 商ɕjaŋ˥, 傷ɕjaŋ˥, 殤ɕjaŋ˥, 觴ɕjaŋ˥, 床dʐjaŋ˧, 央jaŋ˥, 央jaŋ˥, 泱jaŋ˥, 殃jaŋ˥, 秧jaŋ˥, 秧jaŋ˥, 鴦jaŋ˥, 戕ʣjaŋ˧, 戕ʣjaŋ˧, 嬙ʣjaŋ˧, 墻ʣjaŋ˧, 檣ʣjaŋ˧, 牆ʣjaŋ˧, 薔ʣjaŋ˧, 倀ʈʰjaŋ˥, 相sjaŋ˥, 廂sjaŋ˥, 湘sjaŋ˥, 葙sjaŋ˥, 箱sjaŋ˥, 襄sjaŋ˥, 瓖sjaŋ˥, 鑲sjaŋ˥, 驤sjaŋ˥, 瀼ɲjaŋ˧, 瀼ɲjaŋ˧, 蘘ɲjaŋ˧, 瓤ɲjaŋ˧, 禳ɲjaŋ˧, 穰ɲjaŋ˧, 香xjaŋ˥, 香xjaŋ˥, 鄉xjaŋ˥, 薌xjaŋ˥, 斨ʦʰjaŋ˥, 搶ʦʰjaŋ˥, 槍ʦʰjaŋ˥, 槍ʦʰjaŋ˥, 瑲ʦʰjaŋ˥, 瑲ʦʰjaŋ˥, 蹌ʦʰjaŋ˥, 蹌ʦʰjaŋ˥, 蹡ʦʰjaŋ˥, 鏘ʦʰjaŋ˥, 鏘ʦʰjaŋ˥, 羌kʰjaŋ˥, 羌kʰjaŋ˥, 蜣kʰjaŋ˥, 長ɖjaŋ˧, 長ɖjaŋ˧, 場ɖjaŋ˧, 萇ɖjaŋ˧, 腸ɖjaŋ˧, 腸ɖjaŋ˧, 章c⁼jaŋ˥, 彰c⁼jaŋ˥, 漳c⁼jaŋ˥, 漳c⁼jaŋ˥, 獐c⁼jaŋ˥, 障c⁼jaŋ˥, 鄣c⁼jaŋ˥, 樟c⁼jaŋ˥, 璋c⁼jaŋ˥, 霜ʂjaŋ˥, 孀ʂjaŋ˥, 鷞ʂjaŋ˥, 驦ʂjaŋ˥, 張ʈjaŋ˥, 常ʑjaŋ˧, 徜ʑjaŋ˧, 嘗ʑjaŋ˧, 裳ʑjaŋ˧, 償ʑjaŋ˧, 昌cʰjaŋ˥, 倡cʰjaŋ˥, 娼cʰjaŋ˥, 猖cʰjaŋ˥, 菖cʰjaŋ˥, 閶cʰjaŋ˥, 鯧cʰjaŋ˥, 將ʦ⁼jaŋ˥, 漿ʦ⁼jaŋ˥, 強ɡjaŋ˧, 彊ɡjaŋ˧, 妝tʂ⁼jaŋ˥, 莊tʂ⁼jaŋ˥, 粧tʂ⁼jaŋ˥, 裝tʂ⁼jaŋ˥, 姜k⁼jaŋ˥, 僵k⁼jaŋ˥, 薑k⁼jaŋ˥, 殭k⁼jaŋ˥, 礓k⁼jaŋ˥, 疆k⁼jaŋ˥, 韁k⁼jaŋ˥, 庠zjaŋ˧, 祥zjaŋ˧, 翔zjaŋ˧, 詳zjaŋ˧
山合一上伴buɑn˩˧, 伴buɑn˩˧, 拌buɑn˩˧, 卵luɑn˩˧, 浣ɣuɑn˩˧, 棵ɣuɑn˩˧, 緩ɣuɑn˩˧, 澣ɣuɑn˩˧, 緞duɑn˩˧, 斷duɑn˩˧, 碗uɑn˧˥, 篹suɑn˧˥, 滿muɑn˩˧, 暖nuɑn˩˧, 煖nuɑn˩˧, 棵kʰuɑn˧˥, 款kʰuɑn˧˥, 短t⁼uɑn˧˥, 纂ʦ⁼uɑn˧˥, 儹ʦ⁼uɑn˧˥, 脘k⁼uɑn˧˥, 琯k⁼uɑn˧˥, 筦k⁼uɑn˧˥, 管k⁼uɑn˧˥, 瘓tʰuɑn˧˥
山合一入拔buɑt˧, 跋buɑt˧, 菝buɑt˧, 鈸buɑt˧, 魃buɑt˧, 捋luɑt˧, 活ɣuɑt˧, 活ɣuɑt˧, 奪duɑt˧, 般p⁼uɑt˥, 缽p⁼uɑt˥, 袚p⁼uɑt˥, 撥p⁼uɑt˥, 斡uɑt˥, 末muɑt˧, 抹muɑt˧, 抹muɑt˧, 沫muɑt˧, 妺muɑt˧, 秣muɑt˧, 靺muɑt˧, 豁xuɑt˥, 撮ʦʰuɑt˥, 蛞kʰuɑt˥, 闊kʰuɑt˥, 潑pʰuɑt˥, 醱pʰuɑt˥, 醱pʰuɑt˥, 鏺pʰuɑt˥, 剟t⁼uɑt˥, 掇t⁼uɑt˥, 敪t⁼uɑt˥, 裰t⁼uɑt˥, 撮ʦ⁼uɑt˥, 攥ʦ⁼uɑt˥, 括k⁼uɑt˥, 栝k⁼uɑt˥, 聒k⁼uɑt˥, 葀k⁼uɑt˥, 鴰k⁼uɑt˥, 挩tʰuɑt˥, 脫tʰuɑt˥
山合一去伴buɑn˧˩, 伴buɑn˧˩, 叛buɑn˧˩, 叛buɑn˧˩, 畔buɑn˧˩, 畔buɑn˧˩, 亂luɑn˧˩, 換ɣuɑn˧˩, 逭ɣuɑn˧˩, 漶ɣuɑn˧˩, 段duɑn˧˩, 椴duɑn˧˩, 半p⁼uɑn˥˧, 絆p⁼uɑn˥˧, 靽p⁼uɑn˥˧, 惋uɑn˥˧, 腕uɑn˥˧, 筭suɑn˥˧, 算suɑn˥˧, 蒜suɑn˥˧, 幔muɑn˧˩, 幔muɑn˧˩, 漫muɑn˧˩, 墁muɑn˧˩, 縵muɑn˧˩, 謾muɑn˧˩, 奐xuɑn˥˧, 喚xuɑn˥˧, 渙xuɑn˥˧, 煥xuɑn˥˧, 竄ʦʰuɑn˥˧, 爨ʦʰuɑn˥˧, 判pʰuɑn˥˧, 判pʰuɑn˥˧, 泮pʰuɑn˥˧, 玩ŋuɑn˧˩, 翫ŋuɑn˧˩, 踹t⁼uɑn˥˧, 鍛t⁼uɑn˥˧, 鍛t⁼uɑn˥˧, 斷t⁼uɑn˥˧, 鑽ʦ⁼uɑn˥˧, 冠k⁼uɑn˥˧, 貫k⁼uɑn˥˧, 祼k⁼uɑn˥˧, 盥k⁼uɑn˥˧, 館k⁼uɑn˥˧, 灌k⁼uɑn˥˧, 罐k⁼uɑn˥˧, 觀k⁼uɑn˥˧, 鑵k⁼uɑn˥˧, 鸛k⁼uɑn˥˧, 彖tʰuɑn˥˧
山合一平般buɑn˧, 槃buɑn˧, 瘢buɑn˧, 盤buɑn˧, 盤buɑn˧, 盤buɑn˧, 磐buɑn˧, 磻buɑn˧, 蟠buɑn˧, 蟠buɑn˧, 蹣buɑn˧, 巒luɑn˧, 欒luɑn˧, 臠luɑn˧, 灤luɑn˧, 鑾luɑn˧, 鸞luɑn˧, 丸ɣuɑn˧, 完ɣuɑn˧, 洹ɣuɑn˧, 紈ɣuɑn˧, 桓ɣuɑn˧, 萑ɣuɑn˧, 剸duɑn˧, 團duɑn˧, 摶duɑn˧, 般p⁼uɑn˥, 搬p⁼uɑn˥, 剜uɑn˥, 眢uɑn˥, 蜿uɑn˥, 豌uɑn˥, 欑ʣuɑn˧, 欑ʣuɑn˧, 狻suɑn˥, 痠suɑn˥, 酸suɑn˥, 蔓muɑn˧, 瞞muɑn˧, 饅muɑn˧, 顢muɑn˧, 鰻muɑn˧, 懽xuɑn˥, 獾xuɑn˥, 歡xuɑn˥, 寬kʰuɑn˥, 髖kʰuɑn˥, 番pʰuɑn˥, 潘pʰuɑn˥, 羱ŋuɑn˧, 黿ŋuɑn˧, 耑t⁼uɑn˥, 耑t⁼uɑn˥, 端t⁼uɑn˥, 鑽ʦ⁼uɑn˥, 官k⁼uɑn˥, 冠k⁼uɑn˥, 倌k⁼uɑn˥, 莞k⁼uɑn˥, 莞k⁼uɑn˥, 棺k⁼uɑn˥, 觀k⁼uɑn˥, 湍tʰuɑn˥
山合三上孌lyan˩˧, 兗ʎyan˩˧, 兗ʎyan˩˧, 飯vyan˩˧, 撰dʐyan˩˧, 譔dʐyan˩˧, 宛yan˧˥, 苑yan˧˥, 婉yan˧˥, 琬yan˧˥, 菀yan˧˥, 畹yan˧˥, 吮ʣyan˩˧, 雋ʣyan˩˧, 娩ɱyan˩˧, 挽ɱyan˩˧, 晚ɱyan˩˧, 輓ɱyan˩˧, 選syan˧˥, 軟ɲyan˩˧, 咺xyan˧˥, 烜xyan˧˥, 綣kʰyan˧˥, 篆ɖyan˩˧, 篆ɖyan˩˧, 篆ɖyan˩˧, 遠yan˩˧, 阮ŋyan˩˧, 轉ʈyan˧˥, 踹ʑyan˩˧, 舛cʰyan˧˥, 喘cʰyan˧˥, 圈ɡyan˩˧, 圈ɡyan˩˧, 卷k⁼yan˧˥, 捲k⁼yan˧˥, 反f⁼yan˧˥, 阪f⁼yan˧˥, 返f⁼yan˧˥
山合三入劣lyat˧, 埒lyat˧, 鋝lyat˧, 悅ʎyat˧, 說ʎyat˧, 閱ʎyat˧, 伐vyat˧, 筏vyat˧, 罰vyat˧, 閥vyat˧, 吶ɳyat˧, 說ɕyat˥, 噦yat˥, 噦yat˥, 絕ʣyat˧, 襪ɱyat˧, 雪syat˥, 缺kʰyat˥, 闕kʰyat˥, 曰yat˧, 戉yat˧, 越yat˧, 粵yat˧, 鉞yat˧, 拙c⁼yat˥, 梲c⁼yat˥, 刷ʂyat˥, 唰ʂyat˥, 月ŋyat˧, 刖ŋyat˧, 玥ŋyat˧, 剟ʈyat˥, 掇ʈyat˥, 綴ʈyat˥, 輟ʈyat˥, 啜cʰyat˥, 茁tʂ⁼yat˥, 茁tʂ⁼yat˥, 孓k⁼yat˥, 孓k⁼yat˥, 厥k⁼yat˥, 厥k⁼yat˥, 劂k⁼yat˥, 劂k⁼yat˥, 撅k⁼yat˥, 蕨k⁼yat˥, 蕨k⁼yat˥, 橛k⁼yat˥, 蹶k⁼yat˥, 蹶k⁼yat˥, 發f⁼yat˥, 髮f⁼yat˥
山合三去戀lyan˧˩, 掾ʎyan˧˩, 譔dʐyan˧˩, 饌dʐyan˧˩, 怨yan˥˧, 万ɱyan˧˩, 曼ɱyan˧˩, 萬ɱyan˧˩, 蔓ɱyan˧˩, 渲syan˥˧, 楦xyan˥˧, 楥xyan˥˧, 券kʰyan˥˧, 勸kʰyan˥˧, 傳ɖyan˧˩, 院yan˧˩, 媛yan˧˩, 援yan˧˩, 瑗yan˧˩, 孿ʂyan˥˧, 愿ŋyan˧˩, 願ŋyan˧˩, 囀ʈyan˥˧, 囀ʈyan˥˧, 串cʰyan˥˧, 釧cʰyan˥˧, 倦ɡyan˧˩, 圈ɡyan˧˩, 卷k⁼yan˥˧, 狷k⁼yan˥˧, 眷k⁼yan˥˧, 鄄k⁼yan˥˧, 絹k⁼yan˥˧, 睠k⁼yan˥˧, 旋zyan˧˩, 鏇zyan˧˩, 畈f⁼yan˥˧, 販f⁼yan˥˧
山合三平攣lyan˧, 沿ʎyan˧, 捐ʎyan˧, 鉛ʎyan˧, 鳶ʎyan˧, 緣ʎyan˧, 櫞ʎyan˧, 煩vyan˧, 樊vyan˧, 蕃vyan˧, 燔vyan˧, 璠vyan˧, 膰vyan˧, 繁vyan˧, 蹯vyan˧, 礬vyan˧, 蘩vyan˧, 冤yan˥, 娟yan˥, 眢yan˥, 蜿yan˥, 鴛yan˥, 仝ʣyan˧, 全ʣyan˧, 泉ʣyan˧, 宣syan˥, 揎syan˥, 瑄syan˥, 番fʰyan˥, 幡fʰyan˥, 繙fʰyan˥, 翻fʰyan˥, 旛fʰyan˥, 喧xyan˥, 暄xyan˥, 萱xyan˥, 塤xyan˥, 儇xyan˥, 諠xyan˥, 壎xyan˥, 佺ʦʰyan˥, 拴ʦʰyan˥, 荃ʦʰyan˥, 悛ʦʰyan˥, 痊ʦʰyan˥, 筌ʦʰyan˥, 詮ʦʰyan˥, 銓ʦʰyan˥, 圈kʰyan˥, 棬kʰyan˥, 傳ɖyan˧, 傳ɖyan˧, 椽ɖyan˧, 垣yan˧, 洹yan˧, 爰yan˧, 員yan˧, 袁yan˧, 援yan˧, 湲yan˧, 園yan˧, 圓yan˧, 猿yan˧, 圜yan˧, 轅yan˧, 專c⁼yan˥, 膞c⁼yan˥, 磚c⁼yan˥, 顓c⁼yan˥, 栓ʂyan˥, 元ŋyan˧, 沅ŋyan˧, 芫ŋyan˧, 原ŋyan˧, 源ŋyan˧, 嫄ŋyan˧, 羱ŋyan˧, 黿ŋyan˧, 船ɟyan˧, 圌ʑyan˧, 輇ʑyan˧, 遄ʑyan˧, 川cʰyan˥, 穿cʰyan˥, 朘ʦ⁼yan˥, 鐫ʦ⁼yan˥, 拳ɡyan˧, 蜷ɡyan˧, 踡ɡyan˧, 鬈ɡyan˧, 鬈ɡyan˧, 權ɡyan˧, 權ɡyan˧, 顴ɡyan˧, 旋zyan˧, 漩zyan˧, 璇zyan˧, 璿zyan˧, 蕃f⁼yan˥, 藩f⁼yan˥
山合二上莞ɣuan˩˧, 皖ɣuan˩˧, 鯇ɣuan˩˧, 撰dʐuan˩˧, 饌dʐuan˩˧, 綰uan˧˥
山合二入滑ɣuat˧, 猾ɣuat˧, 穵uat˥, 挖uat˥, 刷ʂuat˥, 刖ŋuat˧, 茁tʂ⁼uat˥, 茁tʂ⁼uat˥, 刮k⁼uat˥, 鴰k⁼uat˥
山合二去篡tʂʰuan˥˧, 幻ɣuan˧˩, 幻ɣuan˧˩, 宦ɣuan˧˩, 患ɣuan˧˩, 豢ɣuan˧˩, 擐ɣuan˧˩, 轘ɣuan˧˩, 扮p⁼uan˥˧, 涮ʂuan˥˧, 孿ʂuan˥˧, 串k⁼uan˥˧, 慣k⁼uan˥˧, 摜k⁼uan˥˧
山合二平郇ɣuan˧, 寰ɣuan˧, 澴ɣuan˧, 圜ɣuan˧, 環ɣuan˧, 還ɣuan˧, 鍰ɣuan˧, 轘ɣuan˧, 鬟ɣuan˧, 彎uan˥, 灣uan˥, 閂ʂuan˥, 頑ŋuan˧, 綸k⁼uan˥, 瘝k⁼uan˥, 關k⁼uan˥, 鰥k⁼uan˥
山合四上泫ɣyan˩˧, 鉉ɣyan˩˧, 繯ɣyan˩˧, 犬kʰyan˧˥, 汱k⁼yan˧˥, 甽k⁼yan˧˥, 畎k⁼yan˧˥
山合四入穴ɣyat˧, 血xyat˥, 闋kʰyat˥, 闋kʰyat˥, 抉k⁼yat˥, 決k⁼yat˥, 玦k⁼yat˥, 訣k⁼yat˥, 觖k⁼yat˥, 駃k⁼yat˥, 鴃k⁼yat˥, 譎k⁼yat˥
山合四去炫ɣyan˧˩, 眩ɣyan˧˩, 衒ɣyan˧˩, 縣ɣyan˧˩, 絢xyan˥˧, 狷k⁼yan˥˧, 罥k⁼yan˥˧, 獧k⁼yan˥˧
山合四平玄ɣyan˧, 眩ɣyan˧, 懸ɣyan˧, 淵yan˥, 蜎yan˥, 涓k⁼yan˥, 鵑k⁼yan˥, 蠲k⁼yan˥
山開一上懶lɑn˩˧, 嬾lɑn˩˧, 旱ɣɑn˩˧, 但dɑn˩˧, 袒dɑn˩˧, 誕dɑn˩˧, 誕dɑn˩˧, 瓚ʣɑn˩˧, 散sɑn˧˥, 罕xɑn˧˥, 焊xɑn˧˥, 攤nɑn˩˧, 侃kʰɑn˧˥, 疸t⁼ɑn˧˥, 疸t⁼ɑn˧˥, 矸k⁼ɑn˧˥, 桿k⁼ɑn˧˥, 稈k⁼ɑn˧˥, 坦tʰɑn˧˥
山開一入剌lɑt˧, 辣lɑt˧, 瘌lɑt˧, 曷ɣɑt˧, 褐ɣɑt˧, 蝎ɣɑt˧, 鞨ɣɑt˧, 鶡ɣɑt˧, 達dɑt˧, 達dɑt˧, 遏ɑt˥, 閼ɑt˥, 撒sɑt˥, 薩sɑt˥, 喝xɑt˥, 暍xɑt˥, 捺nɑt˧, 擦ʦʰɑt˥, 礤ʦʰɑt˥, 渴kʰɑt˥, 怛t⁼ɑt˥, 妲t⁼ɑt˥, 笪t⁼ɑt˥, 靼t⁼ɑt˥, 割k⁼ɑt˥, 葛k⁼ɑt˥, 撻tʰɑt˥, 獺tʰɑt˥, 躂tʰɑt˥, 闥tʰɑt˥
山開一去瀾lɑn˧˩, 爛lɑn˧˩, 汗ɣɑn˧˩, 扞ɣɑn˧˩, 悍ɣɑn˧˩, 捍ɣɑn˧˩, 釬ɣɑn˧˩, 銲ɣɑn˧˩, 翰ɣɑn˧˩, 鼾ɣɑn˧˩, 瀚ɣɑn˧˩, 但dɑn˧˩, 彈dɑn˧˩, 憚dɑn˧˩, 撣dɑn˧˩, 澶dɑn˧˩, 按ɑn˥˧, 晏ɑn˥˧, 案ɑn˥˧, 桉ɑn˥˧, 散sɑn˥˧, 繖sɑn˥˧, 漢xɑn˥˧, 熯xɑn˥˧, 難nɑn˧˩, 粲ʦʰɑn˥˧, 燦ʦʰɑn˥˧, 璨ʦʰɑn˥˧, 看kʰɑn˥˧, 犴ŋɑn˧˩, 岸ŋɑn˧˩, 旦t⁼ɑn˥˧, 贊ʦ⁼ɑn˥˧, 攢ʦ⁼ɑn˥˧, 酇ʦ⁼ɑn˥˧, 讚ʦ⁼ɑn˥˧, 趲ʦ⁼ɑn˥˧, 饡ʦ⁼ɑn˥˧, 杆k⁼ɑn˥˧, 旰k⁼ɑn˥˧, 矸k⁼ɑn˥˧, 幹k⁼ɑn˥˧, 榦k⁼ɑn˥˧, 炭tʰɑn˥˧, 嘆tʰɑn˥˧, 歎tʰɑn˥˧
山開一平闌lɑn˧, 攔lɑn˧, 瀾lɑn˧, 欄lɑn˧, 蘭lɑn˧, 籣lɑn˧, 讕lɑn˧, 汗ɣɑn˧, 邗ɣɑn˧, 寒ɣɑn˧, 韓ɣɑn˧, 彈dɑn˧, 壇dɑn˧, 檀dɑn˧, 安ɑn˥, 鞍ɑn˥, 戔ʣɑn˧, 殘ʣɑn˧, 殘ʣɑn˧, 姍sɑn˥, 珊sɑn˥, 跚sɑn˥, 頇xɑn˥, 鼾xɑn˥, 難nɑn˧, 餐ʦʰɑn˥, 刊kʰɑn˥, 看kʰɑn˥, 犴ŋɑn˧, 丹t⁼ɑn˥, 單t⁼ɑn˥, 鄲t⁼ɑn˥, 殫t⁼ɑn˥, 癉t⁼ɑn˥, 癉t⁼ɑn˥, 簞t⁼ɑn˥, 干k⁼ɑn˥, 奸k⁼ɑn˥, 肝k⁼ɑn˥, 玕k⁼ɑn˥, 竿k⁼ɑn˥, 乾k⁼ɑn˥, 攤tʰɑn˥, 灘tʰɑn˥
山開三上辨bjan˩˧, 諞bjan˩˧, 諞bjan˩˧, 辯bjan˩˧, 輦ljan˩˧, 璉ljan˩˧, 衍ʎjan˩˧, 演ʎjan˩˧, 碾ɳjan˩˧, 褊p⁼jan˧˥, 棧dʐjan˩˧, 棧dʐjan˩˧, 偃jan˧˥, 堰jan˧˥, 郾jan˧˥, 蝘jan˧˥, 鼴jan˧˥, 踐ʣjan˩˧, 餞ʣjan˩˧, 蕆ʈʰjan˧˥, 尟sjan˧˥, 鮮sjan˧˥, 獮sjan˧˥, 燹sjan˧˥, 蘚sjan˧˥, 癬sjan˧˥, 免mjan˩˧, 沔mjan˩˧, 勉mjan˩˧, 俛mjan˩˧, 娩mjan˩˧, 冕mjan˩˧, 湎mjan˩˧, 愐mjan˩˧, 緬mjan˩˧, 澠mjan˩˧, 淺ʦʰjan˧˥, 遣kʰjan˧˥, 繾kʰjan˧˥, 甗ŋjan˩˧, 齴ŋjan˩˧, 讞ŋjan˩˧, 展ʈjan˧˥, 展ʈjan˧˥, 搌ʈjan˧˥, 輾ʈjan˧˥, 單ʑjan˩˧, 善ʑjan˩˧, 墠ʑjan˩˧, 墡ʑjan˩˧, 鄯ʑjan˩˧, 蟺ʑjan˩˧, 鱔ʑjan˩˧, 闡cʰjan˧˥, 剪ʦ⁼jan˧˥, 戩ʦ⁼jan˧˥, 翦ʦ⁼jan˧˥, 件ɡjan˩˧, 鍵ɡjan˩˧, 鍵ɡjan˩˧, 搴k⁼jan˧˥, 謇k⁼jan˧˥, 蹇k⁼jan˧˥, 蹇k⁼jan˧˥
山開三入別bjat˧, 列ljat˧, 冽ljat˧, 洌ljat˧, 烈ljat˧, 裂ljat˧, 鴷ljat˧, 抴ʎjat˧, 拽ʎjat˧, 設ɕjat˥, 別p⁼jat˥, 憋p⁼jat˥, 鱉p⁼jat˥, 謁jat˥, 硩ʈʰjat˥, 徹ʈʰjat˥, 撤ʈʰjat˥, 泄sjat˥, 契sjat˥, 紲sjat˥, 偰sjat˥, 媟sjat˥, 薛sjat˥, 褻sjat˥, 苶ɲjat˧, 熱ɲjat˧, 滅mjat˧, 歇xjat˥, 蠍xjat˥, 揭kʰjat˥, 瞥pʰjat˥, 澈ɖjat˧, 澈ɖjat˧, 轍ɖjat˧, 折c⁼jat˥, 浙c⁼jat˥, 孽ŋjat˧, 櫱ŋjat˧, 蘗ŋjat˧, 糱ŋjat˧, 哲ʈjat˥, 蜇ʈjat˥, 蜇ʈjat˥, 螫ʈjat˥, 螫ʈjat˥, 舌ɟjat˧, 揲ɟjat˧, 揲ɟjat˧, 折ʑjat˧, 掣cʰjat˥, 杰ɡjat˧, 桀ɡjat˧, 桀ɡjat˧, 偈ɡjat˧, 偈ɡjat˧, 傑ɡjat˧, 揭ɡjat˧, 碣ɡjat˧, 碣ɡjat˧, 碣ɡjat˧, 碣ɡjat˧, 竭ɡjat˧, 孑k⁼jat˥, 孑k⁼jat˥, 訐k⁼jat˥, 訐k⁼jat˥, 揭k⁼jat˥, 羯k⁼jat˥
山開三去卞bjan˧˩, 弁bjan˧˩, 汴bjan˧˩, 忭bjan˧˩, 抃bjan˧˩, 拚bjan˧˩, 拚bjan˧˩, 便bjan˧˩, 碾ɳjan˧˩, 輾ɳjan˧˩, 扇ɕjan˥˧, 煽ɕjan˥˧, 遍p⁼jan˥˧, 變p⁼jan˥˧, 堰jan˥˧, 堰jan˥˧, 賤ʣjan˧˩, 餞ʣjan˧˩, 線sjan˥˧, 面mjan˧˩, 憲xjan˥˧, 獻xjan˥˧, 譴kʰjan˥˧, 戰c⁼jan˥˧, 顫c⁼jan˥˧, 彥ŋjan˧˩, 唁ŋjan˧˩, 這ŋjan˧˩, 諺ŋjan˧˩, 單ʑjan˧˩, 鄯ʑjan˧˩, 擅ʑjan˧˩, 膳ʑjan˧˩, 嬗ʑjan˧˩, 禪ʑjan˧˩, 繕ʑjan˧˩, 箭ʦ⁼jan˥˧, 濺ʦ⁼jan˥˧, 健ɡjan˧˩, 腱ɡjan˧˩, 建k⁼jan˥˧, 羨zjan˧˩, 羨zjan˧˩
山開三平便bjan˧, 楩bjan˧, 緶bjan˧, 連ljan˧, 漣ljan˧, 聯ljan˧, 鏈ljan˧, 鰱ljan˧, 延ʎjan˧, 埏ʎjan˧, 筵ʎjan˧, 蜒ʎjan˧, 埏ɕjan˥, 羶ɕjan˥, 編p⁼jan˥, 鞭p⁼jan˥, 孱dʐjan˧, 孱dʐjan˧, 潺dʐjan˧, 潺dʐjan˧, 焉jan˥, 焉jan˥, 嫣jan˥, 鄢jan˥, 蔫jan˥, 蔫jan˥, 閼jan˥, 錢ʣjan˧, 仙sjan˥, 秈sjan˥, 僊sjan˥, 鮮sjan˥, 躚sjan˥, 然ɲjan˧, 燃ɲjan˧, 棉mjan˧, 綿mjan˧, 軒xjan˥, 掀xjan˥, 遷ʦʰjan˥, 韆ʦʰjan˥, 愆kʰjan˥, 褰kʰjan˥, 騫kʰjan˥, 扁pʰjan˥, 偏pʰjan˥, 篇pʰjan˥, 翩pʰjan˥, 廛ɖjan˧, 瀍ɖjan˧, 纏ɖjan˧, 焉jan˧, 旃c⁼jan˥, 氈c⁼jan˥, 鸇c⁼jan˥, 言ŋjan˧, 鱣ʈjan˥, 單ʑjan˧, 嬋ʑjan˧, 撣ʑjan˧, 澶ʑjan˧, 禪ʑjan˧, 蟬ʑjan˧, 湔ʦ⁼jan˥, 煎ʦ⁼jan˥, 虔ɡjan˧, 赶ɡjan˧, 乾ɡjan˧, 乾ɡjan˧, 犍ɡjan˧, 犍k⁼jan˥, 涎zjan˧
山開二上魬ban˩˧, 剷tʂʰan˧˥, 鏟tʂʰan˧˥, 限ɣan˩˧, 捍ɣan˩˧, 僩ɣan˩˧, 赧ɳan˩˧, 板p⁼an˧˥, 版p⁼an˧˥, 鈑p⁼an˧˥, 孱dʐan˩˧, 孱dʐan˩˧, 棧dʐan˩˧, 棧dʐan˩˧, 產ʂan˧˥, 滻ʂan˧˥, 滻ʂan˧˥, 眼ŋan˩˧, 盞tʂ⁼an˧˥, 柬k⁼an˧˥, 揀k⁼an˧˥, 簡k⁼an˧˥, 襉k⁼an˧˥
山開二入拔bat˧, 剎tʂʰat˥, 剎tʂʰat˥, 察tʂʰat˥, 舝ɣat˧, 轄ɣat˧, 黠ɣat˧, 八p⁼at˥, 扒p⁼at˥, 扒p⁼at˥, 捌p⁼at˥, 鍘dʐat˧, 軋at˥, 軋at˥, 揠at˥, 獺ʈʰat˥, 瞎xat˥, 殺ʂat˥, 煞ʂat˥, 鎩ʂat˥, 哳ʈat˥, 扎tʂ⁼at˥, 札tʂ⁼at˥, 紮tʂ⁼at˥, 戛k⁼at˥, 嘎k⁼at˥, 骱k⁼at˥
山開二去辦ban˧˩, 瓣ban˧˩, 羼tʂʰan˥˧, 莧ɣan˧˩, 棧dʐan˧˩, 棧dʐan˧˩, 鴳an˥˧, 鷃an˥˧, 慢man˧˩, 嫚man˧˩, 縵man˧˩, 謾man˧˩, 盼pʰan˥˧, 襻pʰan˥˧, 綻ɖan˧˩, 汕ʂan˥˧, 疝ʂan˥˧, 訕ʂan˥˧, 雁ŋan˧˩, 鴈ŋan˧˩, 贗ŋan˧˩, 間k⁼an˥˧, 澗k⁼an˥˧, 諫k⁼an˥˧
山開二平斕lan˧, 閑ɣan˧, 閒ɣan˧, 嫻ɣan˧, 嫺ɣan˧, 癇ɣan˧, 鷴ɣan˧, 鷳ɣan˧, 扳p⁼an˥, 班p⁼an˥, 般p⁼an˥, 斑p⁼an˥, 頒p⁼an˥, 孱dʐan˧, 孱dʐan˧, 潺dʐan˧, 潺dʐan˧, 謾man˧, 蠻man˧, 慳kʰan˥, 攀pʰan˥, 山ʂan˥, 刪ʂan˥, 訕ʂan˥, 潸ʂan˥, 顏ŋan˧, 姦k⁼an˥, 菅k⁼an˥, 間k⁼an˥, 艱k⁼an˥
山開四上辮bjan˩˧, 峴ɣjan˩˧, 殄djan˩˧, 扁p⁼jan˧˥, 匾p⁼jan˧˥, 碥p⁼jan˧˥, 緶p⁼jan˧˥, 蝘jan˧˥, 洗sjan˧˥, 筅sjan˧˥, 跣sjan˧˥, 銑sjan˧˥, 燹sjan˧˥, 丏mjan˩˧, 眄mjan˩˧, 蜆xjan˧˥, 顯xjan˧˥, 撚njan˩˧, 典t⁼jan˧˥, 趼k⁼jan˧˥, 筧k⁼jan˧˥, 繭k⁼jan˧˥, 淟tʰjan˧˥, 腆tʰjan˧˥, 靦tʰjan˧˥, 靦tʰjan˧˥
山開四入蹩bjat˧, 癟bjat˧, 捩ljat˧, 頁ɣjat˧, 絜ɣjat˧, 頡ɣjat˧, 迭djat˧, 垤djat˧, 昳djat˧, 瓞djat˧, 絰djat˧, 耋djat˧, 跌djat˧, 襒p⁼jat˥, 咽jat˥, 噎jat˥, 截ʣjat˧, 蠽ʣjat˧, 屑sjat˥, 偰sjat˥, 揳sjat˥, 楔sjat˥, 覕mjat˧, 蔑mjat˧, 篾mjat˧, 蠛mjat˧, 衊mjat˧, 褉xjat˥, 擷xjat˥, 苶njat˧, 捏njat˧, 捏njat˧, 涅njat˧, 切ʦʰjat˥, 沏ʦʰjat˥, 竊ʦʰjat˥, 挈kʰjat˥, 挈kʰjat˥, 鍥kʰjat˥, 撇pʰjat˥, 瞥pʰjat˥, 臬ŋjat˧, 隉ŋjat˧, 齧ŋjat˧, 齧ŋjat˧, 囓ŋjat˧, 囓ŋjat˧, 節ʦ⁼jat˥, 癤ʦ⁼jat˥, 拮k⁼jat˥, 桔k⁼jat˥, 結k⁼jat˥, 絜k⁼jat˥, 潔k⁼jat˥, 餮tʰjat˥, 鐵tʰjat˥
山開四去楝ljan˧˩, 煉ljan˧˩, 練ljan˧˩, 鍊ljan˧˩, 見ɣjan˧˩, 現ɣjan˧˩, 佃djan˧˩, 甸djan˧˩, 淀djan˧˩, 奠djan˧˩, 殿djan˧˩, 鈿djan˧˩, 電djan˧˩, 澱djan˧˩, 靛djan˧˩, 咽jan˥˧, 宴jan˥˧, 燕jan˥˧, 嚥jan˥˧, 讌jan˥˧, 醼jan˥˧, 鷰jan˥˧, 荐ʣjan˧˩, 霰sjan˥˧, 眄mjan˧˩, 麵mjan˧˩, 倩ʦʰjan˥˧, 茜ʦʰjan˥˧, 茜ʦʰjan˥˧, 蒨ʦʰjan˥˧, 縴kʰjan˥˧, 片pʰjan˥˧, 研ŋjan˧˩, 硯ŋjan˧˩, 唸t⁼jan˥˧, 殿t⁼jan˥˧, 薦ʦ⁼jan˥˧, 見k⁼jan˥˧, 滇tʰjan˥˧
山開四平胼bjan˧, 駢bjan˧, 蹁bjan˧, 憐ljan˧, 蓮ljan˧, 弦ɣjan˧, 胘ɣjan˧, 胘ɣjan˧, 絃ɣjan˧, 舷ɣjan˧, 賢ɣjan˧, 田djan˧, 畋djan˧, 填djan˧, 填djan˧, 鈿djan˧, 闐djan˧, 闐djan˧, 蝙p⁼jan˥, 邊p⁼jan˥, 籩p⁼jan˥, 咽jan˥, 胭jan˥, 湮jan˥, 煙jan˥, 燕jan˥, 閼jan˥, 前ʣjan˧, 先sjan˥, 眠mjan˧, 年njan˧, 千ʦʰjan˥, 仟ʦʰjan˥, 阡ʦʰjan˥, 芊ʦʰjan˥, 牽kʰjan˥, 縴kʰjan˥, 妍ŋjan˧, 研ŋjan˧, 滇t⁼jan˥, 顛t⁼jan˥, 顛t⁼jan˥, 巔t⁼jan˥, 癲t⁼jan˥, 淺ʦ⁼jan˥, 湔ʦ⁼jan˥, 牋ʦ⁼jan˥, 箋ʦ⁼jan˥, 濺ʦ⁼jan˥, 韉ʦ⁼jan˥, 肩k⁼jan˥, 堅k⁼jan˥, 鰹k⁼jan˥, 天tʰjan˥
效開一上抱bɑu˩˧, 老lɑu˩˧, 栳lɑu˩˧, 潦lɑu˩˧, 潦lɑu˩˧, 昊ɣɑu˩˧, 浩ɣɑu˩˧, 皓ɣɑu˩˧, 鄗ɣɑu˩˧, 滈ɣɑu˩˧, 鎬ɣɑu˩˧, 顥ɣɑu˩˧, 道dɑu˩˧, 稻dɑu˩˧, 保p⁼ɑu˧˥, 堡p⁼ɑu˧˥, 葆p⁼ɑu˧˥, 褓p⁼ɑu˧˥, 鴇p⁼ɑu˧˥, 寶p⁼ɑu˧˥, 媼ɑu˧˥, 襖ɑu˧˥, 皂ʣɑu˩˧, 皁ʣɑu˩˧, 造ʣɑu˩˧, 嫂sɑu˧˥, 燥sɑu˧˥, 好xɑu˧˥, 惱nɑu˩˧, 瑙nɑu˩˧, 腦nɑu˩˧, 艸ʦʰɑu˧˥, 草ʦʰɑu˧˥, 騲ʦʰɑu˧˥, 考kʰɑu˧˥, 攷kʰɑu˧˥, 洘kʰɑu˧˥, 栲kʰɑu˧˥, 倒t⁼ɑu˧˥, 島t⁼ɑu˧˥, 搗t⁼ɑu˧˥, 擣t⁼ɑu˧˥, 禱t⁼ɑu˧˥, 早ʦ⁼ɑu˧˥, 蚤ʦ⁼ɑu˧˥, 棗ʦ⁼ɑu˧˥, 澡ʦ⁼ɑu˧˥, 璪ʦ⁼ɑu˧˥, 藻ʦ⁼ɑu˧˥, 杲k⁼ɑu˧˥, 槁k⁼ɑu˧˥, 稿k⁼ɑu˧˥, 縞k⁼ɑu˧˥, 討tʰɑu˧˥
效開一去菢bɑu˧˩, 暴bɑu˧˩, 瀑bɑu˧˩, 嫪lɑu˧˩, 澇lɑu˧˩, 癆lɑu˧˩, 號ɣɑu˧˩, 悼dɑu˧˩, 盜dɑu˧˩, 導dɑu˧˩, 蹈dɑu˧˩, 幬dɑu˧˩, 纛dɑu˧˩, 報p⁼ɑu˥˧, 奧ɑu˥˧, 懊ɑu˥˧, 澳ɑu˥˧, 掃sɑu˥˧, 埽sɑu˥˧, 瘙sɑu˥˧, 噪sɑu˥˧, 噪sɑu˥˧, 譟sɑu˥˧, 譟sɑu˥˧, 冒mɑu˧˩, 耄mɑu˧˩, 帽mɑu˧˩, 帽mɑu˧˩, 瑁mɑu˧˩, 瑁mɑu˧˩, 好xɑu˥˧, 秏xɑu˥˧, 耗xɑu˥˧, 造ʦʰɑu˥˧, 操ʦʰɑu˥˧, 糙ʦʰɑu˥˧, 犒kʰɑu˥˧, 靠kʰɑu˥˧, 奡ŋɑu˧˩, 傲ŋɑu˧˩, 鏊ŋɑu˧˩, 驁ŋɑu˧˩, 到t⁼ɑu˥˧, 倒t⁼ɑu˥˧, 灶ʦ⁼ɑu˥˧, 躁ʦ⁼ɑu˥˧, 告k⁼ɑu˥˧, 郜k⁼ɑu˥˧, 膏k⁼ɑu˥˧, 誥k⁼ɑu˥˧, 誥k⁼ɑu˥˧
效開一平袍bɑu˧, 牢lɑu˧, 勞lɑu˧, 撈lɑu˧, 蟧lɑu˧, 醪lɑu˧, 崤ɣɑu˧, 毫ɣɑu˧, 嗥ɣɑu˧, 號ɣɑu˧, 豪ɣɑu˧, 壕ɣɑu˧, 濠ɣɑu˧, 咷dɑu˧, 桃dɑu˧, 桃dɑu˧, 逃dɑu˧, 啕dɑu˧, 掏dɑu˧, 陶dɑu˧, 萄dɑu˧, 濤dɑu˧, 檮dɑu˧, 燾dɑu˧, 褒p⁼ɑu˥, 鏖ɑu˥, 曹ʣɑu˧, 嘈ʣɑu˧, 嘈ʣɑu˧, 漕ʣɑu˧, 槽ʣɑu˧, 艚ʣɑu˧, 螬ʣɑu˧, 搔sɑu˥, 艘sɑu˥, 繅sɑu˥, 臊sɑu˥, 繰sɑu˥, 騷sɑu˥, 毛mɑu˧, 毛mɑu˧, 旄mɑu˧, 酕mɑu˧, 髦mɑu˧, 氂mɑu˧, 蒿xɑu˥, 薅xɑu˥, 峱nɑu˧, 猱nɑu˧, 嶩nɑu˧, 操ʦʰɑu˥, 尻kʰɑu˥, 藨pʰɑu˥, 敖ŋɑu˧, 嗷ŋɑu˧, 熬ŋɑu˧, 遨ŋɑu˧, 獒ŋɑu˧, 翱ŋɑu˧, 聱ŋɑu˧, 螯ŋɑu˧, 鰲ŋɑu˧, 鼇ŋɑu˧, 刀t⁼ɑu˥, 魛t⁼ɑu˥, 遭ʦ⁼ɑu˥, 糟ʦ⁼ɑu˥, 皋k⁼ɑu˥, 羔k⁼ɑu˥, 高k⁼ɑu˥, 膏k⁼ɑu˥, 槔k⁼ɑu˥, 篙k⁼ɑu˥, 糕k⁼ɑu˥, 叨tʰɑu˥, 弢tʰɑu˥, 洮tʰɑu˥, 滔tʰɑu˥, 絛tʰɑu˥, 搯tʰɑu˥, 縚tʰɑu˥, 韜tʰɑu˥, 饕tʰɑu˥
效開三上殍bjau˩˧, 殍bjau˩˧, 莩bjau˩˧, 摽bjau˩˧, 膘bjau˩˧, 鰾bjau˩˧, 燎ljau˩˧, 繚ljau˩˧, 舀ʎjau˩˧, 少ɕjau˧˥, 表p⁼jau˧˥, 夭jau˧˥, 殀jau˧˥, 小sjau˧˥, 嬈ɲjau˩˧, 嬈ɲjau˩˧, 擾ɲjau˩˧, 繞ɲjau˩˧, 杪mjau˩˧, 眇mjau˩˧, 秒mjau˩˧, 渺mjau˩˧, 淼mjau˩˧, 藐mjau˩˧, 悄ʦʰjau˧˥, 愀ʦʰjau˧˥, 瞟pʰjau˧˥, 縹pʰjau˧˥, 縹pʰjau˧˥, 兆ɖjau˩˧, 旐ɖjau˩˧, 肇ɖjau˩˧, 趙ɖjau˩˧, 沼c⁼jau˧˥, 紹ʑjau˩˧, 剿ʦ⁼jau˧˥, 勦ʦ⁼jau˧˥, 矯k⁼jau˧˥
效開三去療ljau˧˩, 曜ʎjau˧˩, 燿ʎjau˧˩, 耀ʎjau˧˩, 鷂ʎjau˧˩, 少ɕjau˥˧, 俵p⁼jau˥˧, 裱p⁼jau˥˧, 要jau˥˧, 誚ʣjau˧˩, 肖sjau˥˧, 肖sjau˥˧, 笑sjau˥˧, 鞘sjau˥˧, 繞ɲjau˧˩, 妙mjau˧˩, 廟mjau˧˩, 俏ʦʰjau˥˧, 峭ʦʰjau˥˧, 漂pʰjau˥˧, 驃pʰjau˥˧, 驃pʰjau˥˧, 召ɖjau˧˩, 召ɖjau˧˩, 炤c⁼jau˥˧, 詔c⁼jau˥˧, 照c⁼jau˥˧, 召ʑjau˧˩, 劭ʑjau˧˩, 卲ʑjau˧˩, 邵ʑjau˧˩, 醮ʦ⁼jau˥˧, 翹ɡjau˧˩, 翹ɡjau˧˩, 轎ɡjau˧˩
效開三平剽bjau˧, 瓢bjau˧, 薸bjau˧, 燎ljau˧, 姚ʎjau˧, 珧ʎjau˧, 陶ʎjau˧, 傜ʎjau˧, 軺ʎjau˧, 搖ʎjau˧, 瑤ʎjau˧, 遙ʎjau˧, 銚ʎjau˧, 窯ʎjau˧, 謠ʎjau˧, 颻ʎjau˧, 鰩ʎjau˧, 燒ɕjau˥, 杓p⁼jau˥, 標p⁼jau˥, 標p⁼jau˥, 臕p⁼jau˥, 飆p⁼jau˥, 鑣p⁼jau˥, 夭jau˥, 妖jau˥, 要jau˥, 喓jau˥, 喓jau˥, 腰jau˥, 邀jau˥, 劁ʣjau˧, 憔ʣjau˧, 樵ʣjau˧, 譙ʣjau˧, 怊ʈʰjau˥, 超ʈʰjau˥, 超ʈʰjau˥, 哨sjau˥, 宵sjau˥, 消sjau˥, 逍sjau˥, 硝sjau˥, 痟sjau˥, 綃sjau˥, 蛸sjau˥, 銷sjau˥, 霄sjau˥, 魈sjau˥, 橈ɲjau˧, 蕘ɲjau˧, 蕘ɲjau˧, 蟯ɲjau˧, 蟯ɲjau˧, 饒ɲjau˧, 苗mjau˧, 描mjau˧, 貓mjau˧, 枵xjau˥, 囂xjau˥, 幧ʦʰjau˥, 鍬ʦʰjau˥, 橇kʰjau˥, 蹺kʰjau˥, 蹻kʰjau˥, 杓pʰjau˥, 嫖pʰjau˥, 漂pʰjau˥, 漂pʰjau˥, 摽pʰjau˥, 螵pʰjau˥, 鏢pʰjau˥, 飄pʰjau˥, 晁ɖjau˧, 朝ɖjau˧, 潮ɖjau˧, 鴞jau˧, 招c⁼jau˥, 昭c⁼jau˥, 釗c⁼jau˥, 朝ʈjau˥, 韶ʑjau˧, 椒ʦ⁼jau˥, 焦ʦ⁼jau˥, 僬ʦ⁼jau˥, 蕉ʦ⁼jau˥, 鷦ʦ⁼jau˥, 荍ɡjau˧, 喬ɡjau˧, 喬ɡjau˧, 僑ɡjau˧, 橋ɡjau˧, 蕎ɡjau˧, 翹ɡjau˧, 嬌k⁼jau˥, 驕k⁼jau˥
效開二上吵tʂʰau˧˥, 吵tʂʰau˧˥, 炒tʂʰau˧˥, 飽p⁼au˧˥, 拗au˧˥, 拗au˧˥, 卯mau˩˧, 卯mau˩˧, 泖mau˩˧, 茆mau˩˧, 茆mau˩˧, 昴mau˩˧, 撓nau˩˧, 撓nau˩˧, 巧kʰau˧˥, 咬ŋau˩˧, 爪tʂ⁼au˧˥, 笊tʂ⁼au˧˥, 佼k⁼au˧˥, 姣k⁼au˧˥, 狡k⁼au˧˥, 絞k⁼au˧˥, 搞k⁼au˧˥, 鉸k⁼au˧˥, 攪k⁼au˧˥
效開二去皰bau˧˩, 鉋bau˧˩, 效ɣau˧˩, 校ɣau˧˩, 傚ɣau˧˩, 淖ɳau˧˩, 鬧ɳau˧˩, 鬧ɳau˧˩, 豹p⁼au˥˧, 靿au˥˧, 貌mau˧˩, 孝xau˥˧, 敲kʰau˥˧, 炮pʰau˥˧, 砲pʰau˥˧, 棹ɖau˧˩, 櫂ɖau˧˩, 稍ʂau˥˧, 稍ʂau˥˧, 潲ʂau˥˧, 罩ʈau˥˧, 校k⁼au˥˧, 教k⁼au˥˧, 窖k⁼au˥˧, 較k⁼au˥˧, 酵k⁼au˥˧, 覺k⁼au˥˧
效開二平咆bau˧, 庖bau˧, 炮bau˧, 炰bau˧, 匏bau˧, 跑bau˧, 跑bau˧, 鉋bau˧, 鉋bau˧, 抄tʂʰau˥, 鈔tʂʰau˥, 爻ɣau˧, 肴ɣau˧, 洨ɣau˧, 崤ɣau˧, 淆ɣau˧, 殽ɣau˧, 餚ɣau˧, 呶ɳau˧, 譊ɳau˧, 鐃ɳau˧, 包p⁼au˥, 胞p⁼au˥, 苞p⁼au˥, 枹p⁼au˥, 巢dʐau˧, 勦dʐau˧, 坳au˥, 嘮ʈʰau˥, 嘮ʈʰau˥, 茅mau˧, 媌mau˧, 蝥mau˧, 貓mau˧, 哮xau˥, 虓xau˥, 猇xau˥, 跤kʰau˥, 敲kʰau˥, 墝kʰau˥, 骹kʰau˥, 磽kʰau˥, 拋pʰau˥, 泡pʰau˥, 泡pʰau˥, 泡pʰau˥, 脬pʰau˥, 捎ʂau˥, 捎ʂau˥, 梢ʂau˥, 梢ʂau˥, 筲ʂau˥, 蛸ʂau˥, 鞘ʂau˥, 啁ʈau˥, 啁ʈau˥, 嘲ʈau˥, 鵃ʈau˥, 抓tʂ⁼au˥, 交k⁼au˥, 艽k⁼au˥, 郊k⁼au˥, 茭k⁼au˥, 蛟k⁼au˥, 鉸k⁼au˥, 膠k⁼au˥, 鮫k⁼au˥, 鵁k⁼au˥
效開四上了ljau˩˧, 蓼ljau˩˧, 瞭ljau˩˧, 繚ljau˩˧, 挑djau˩˧, 掉djau˩˧, 掉djau˩˧, 窕djau˩˧, 杳jau˧˥, 窈jau˧˥, 筱sjau˧˥, 篠sjau˧˥, 曉xjau˧˥, 嫋njau˩˧, 釕t⁼jau˧˥, 鳥t⁼jau˧˥, 鳥t⁼jau˧˥, 蔦t⁼jau˧˥, 湫ʦ⁼jau˧˥, 皎k⁼jau˧˥, 儌k⁼jau˧˥, 儌k⁼jau˧˥, 繳k⁼jau˧˥, 朓tʰjau˧˥
效開四去尥ljau˧˩, 料ljau˧˩, 鐐ljau˧˩, 銚djau˧˩, 調djau˧˩, 嘯sjau˥˧, 尿njau˧˩, 尿njau˧˩, 竅kʰjau˥˧, 弔t⁼jau˥˧, 釣t⁼jau˥˧, 窵t⁼jau˥˧, 叫k⁼jau˥˧, 徼k⁼jau˥˧, 徼k⁼jau˥˧, 眺tʰjau˥˧, 跳tʰjau˥˧, 跳tʰjau˥˧, 糶tʰjau˥˧
效開四平聊ljau˧, 僚ljau˧, 寥ljau˧, 膋ljau˧, 嘹ljau˧, 寮ljau˧, 撩ljau˧, 獠ljau˧, 遼ljau˧, 繚ljau˧, 蟟ljau˧, 鷯ljau˧, 迢djau˧, 苕djau˧, 苕djau˧, 條djau˧, 蜩djau˧, 調djau˧, 髫djau˧, 髫djau˧, 鮡djau˧, 鰷djau˧, 鰷djau˧, 么jau˥, 翛sjau˥, 蕭sjau˥, 簫sjau˥, 蠨sjau˥, 嘵xjau˥, 膮xjau˥, 堯ŋjau˧, 僥ŋjau˧, 僥ŋjau˧, 刁t⁼jau˥, 刁t⁼jau˥, 凋t⁼jau˥, 彫t⁼jau˥, 貂t⁼jau˥, 琱t⁼jau˥, 雕t⁼jau˥, 鯛t⁼jau˥, 鵰t⁼jau˥, 梟k⁼jau˥, 澆k⁼jau˥, 徼k⁼jau˥, 驍k⁼jau˥, 佻tʰjau˥, 挑tʰjau˥, 祧tʰjau˥
曾合一入或ɣuək˧, 惑ɣuək˧, 覆pʰuək˥, 國k⁼uək˥
曾合一平薨xuəŋ˥, 肱k⁼uəŋ˥
曾合三入洫xyək˥, 閾xyək˥, 域yək˧, 棫yək˧, 蜮yək˧, 魊yək˧
曾開一上肯kʰəŋ˧˥, 等t⁼əŋ˧˥
曾開一入仆bək˧, 僰bək˧, 蔔bək˧, 踣bək˧, 仂lək˧, 肋lək˧, 泐lək˧, 勒lək˧, 劾ɣək˧, 特dək˧, 特dək˧, 北p⁼ək˥, 賊ʣək˧, 塞sək˥, 万mək˧, 冒mək˧, 嘿mək˧, 墨mək˧, 默mək˧, 黑xək˥, 克kʰək˥, 刻kʰək˥, 剋kʰək˥, 得t⁼ək˥, 德t⁼ək˥, 則ʦ⁼ək˥, 忒tʰək˥, 慝tʰək˥
曾開一去鄧dəŋ˧˩, 蹬dəŋ˧˩, 蹬dəŋ˧˩, 贈ʣəŋ˧˩, 懵məŋ˧˩, 蹭ʦʰəŋ˥˧, 凳t⁼əŋ˥˧, 嶝t⁼əŋ˥˧, 磴t⁼əŋ˥˧, 鐙t⁼əŋ˥˧, 亙k⁼əŋ˥˧
曾開一平朋bəŋ˧, 朋bəŋ˧, 堋bəŋ˧, 棚bəŋ˧, 鬅bəŋ˧, 鵬bəŋ˧, 鵬bəŋ˧, 棱ləŋ˧, 楞ləŋ˧, 稜ləŋ˧, 弘ɣəŋ˧, 恆ɣəŋ˧, 恒ɣəŋ˧, 滕dəŋ˧, 謄dəŋ˧, 藤dəŋ˧, 騰dəŋ˧, 騰dəŋ˧, 崩p⁼əŋ˥, 崩p⁼əŋ˥, 曾ʣəŋ˧, 層ʣəŋ˧, 僧səŋ˥, 能nəŋ˧, 登t⁼əŋ˥, 燈t⁼əŋ˥, 曾ʦ⁼əŋ˥, 增ʦ⁼əŋ˥, 憎ʦ⁼əŋ˥, 矰ʦ⁼əŋ˥, 罾ʦ⁼əŋ˥
曾開三入愎bjək˧, 力ljək˧, 仂ljək˧, 泐ljək˧, 惻tʂʰjək˥, 測tʂʰjək˥, 弋ʎjək˧, 翌ʎjək˧, 翊ʎjək˧, 翼ʎjək˧, 匿ɳjək˧, 式ɕjək˥, 拭ɕjək˥, 軾ɕjək˥, 飾ɕjək˥, 識ɕjək˥, 偪p⁼jək˥, 逼p⁼jək˥, 抑jək˥, 億jək˥, 憶jək˥, 臆jək˥, 薏jək˥, 薏jək˥, 栻ʈʰjək˥, 敕ʈʰjək˥, 飭ʈʰjək˥, 鷘ʈʰjək˥, 息sjək˥, 熄sjək˥, 直ɖjək˧, 織c⁼jək˥, 職c⁼jək˥, 色ʂjək˥, 嗇ʂjək˥, 穡ʂjək˥, 陟ʈjək˥, 稙ʈjək˥, 食ɟjək˧, 蝕ɟjək˧, 埴ʑjək˧, 植ʑjək˧, 殖ʑjək˧, 寔ʑjək˧, 湜ʑjək˧, 即ʦ⁼jək˥, 唧ʦ⁼jək˥, 揤ʦ⁼jək˥, 稷ʦ⁼jək˥, 鯽ʦ⁼jək˥, 極ɡjək˧, 仄tʂ⁼jək˥, 昃tʂ⁼jək˥, 側tʂ⁼jək˥, 側tʂ⁼jək˥, 亟k⁼jək˥, 棘k⁼jək˥, 殛k⁼jək˥
曾開三去孕ʎjəŋ˧˩, 媵ʎjəŋ˧˩, 勝ɕjəŋ˥˧, 應jəŋ˥˧, 興xjəŋ˥˧, 瞪ɖjəŋ˧˩, 證c⁼jəŋ˥˧, 乘ɟjəŋ˧˩, 剩ɟjəŋ˧˩, 嵊ɟjəŋ˧˩, 賸ɟjəŋ˧˩, 秤cʰjəŋ˥˧, 稱cʰjəŋ˥˧, 甑ʦ⁼jəŋ˥˧
曾開三平淜bjəŋ˧, 馮bjəŋ˧, 憑bjəŋ˧, 凌ljəŋ˧, 陵ljəŋ˧, 淩ljəŋ˧, 菱ljəŋ˧, 綾ljəŋ˧, 鯪ljəŋ˧, 蠅ʎjəŋ˧, 升ɕjəŋ˥, 昇ɕjəŋ˥, 陞ɕjəŋ˥, 勝ɕjəŋ˥, 冰p⁼jəŋ˥, 應jəŋ˥, 膺jəŋ˥, 鷹jəŋ˥, 嶒ʣjəŋ˧, 繒ʣjəŋ˧, 睖ʈʰjəŋ˥, 仍ɲjəŋ˧, 扔ɲjəŋ˧, 艿ɲjəŋ˧, 興xjəŋ˥, 澄ɖjəŋ˧, 澂ɖjəŋ˧, 瞪ɖjəŋ˧, 懲ɖjəŋ˧, 烝c⁼jəŋ˥, 蒸c⁼jəŋ˥, 凝ŋjəŋ˧, 徵ʈjəŋ˥, 癥ʈjəŋ˥, 乘ɟjəŋ˧, 塍ɟjəŋ˧, 澠ɟjəŋ˧, 繩ɟjəŋ˧, 丞ʑjəŋ˧, 承ʑjəŋ˧, 稱cʰjəŋ˥, 矜k⁼jəŋ˥, 兢k⁼jəŋ˥
果合一上裸luɑ˩˧, 蓏luɑ˩˧, 瘰luɑ˩˧, 蠃luɑ˩˧, 臝luɑ˩˧, 夥ɣuɑ˩˧, 禍ɣuɑ˩˧, 垛duɑ˩˧, 垛duɑ˩˧, 惰duɑ˩˧, 墮duɑ˩˧, 跛p⁼uɑ˧˥, 簸p⁼uɑ˧˥, 坐ʣuɑ˩˧, 瑣suɑ˧˥, 鎖suɑ˧˥, 麼muɑ˩˧, 麼muɑ˩˧, 麼muɑ˩˧, 火xuɑ˧˥, 脞ʦʰuɑ˧˥, 顆kʰuɑ˧˥, 叵pʰuɑ˧˥, 頗pʰuɑ˧˥, 朵t⁼uɑ˧˥, 果k⁼uɑ˧˥, 裹k⁼uɑ˧˥, 粿k⁼uɑ˧˥, 蜾k⁼uɑ˧˥, 妥tʰuɑ˧˥, 橢tʰuɑ˧˥
果合一去摞luɑ˧˩, 和ɣuɑ˧˩, 惰duɑ˧˩, 播p⁼uɑ˥˧, 播p⁼uɑ˥˧, 侉uɑ˥˧, 涴uɑ˥˧, 座ʣuɑ˧˩, 磨muɑ˧˩, 磨muɑ˧˩, 貨xuɑ˥˧, 貨xuɑ˥˧, 懦nuɑ˧˩, 剉ʦʰuɑ˥˧, 莝ʦʰuɑ˥˧, 銼ʦʰuɑ˥˧, 課kʰuɑ˥˧, 破pʰuɑ˥˧, 臥ŋuɑ˧˩, 臥ŋuɑ˧˩, 剁t⁼uɑ˥˧, 挫ʦ⁼uɑ˥˧, 挫ʦ⁼uɑ˥˧, 划k⁼uɑ˥˧, 過k⁼uɑ˥˧, 唾tʰuɑ˥˧
果合一平婆buɑ˧, 鄱buɑ˧, 繁buɑ˧, 皤buɑ˧, 腡luɑ˧, 螺luɑ˧, 覶luɑ˧, 騾luɑ˧, 鸁luɑ˧, 禾ɣuɑ˧, 和ɣuɑ˧, 和ɣuɑ˧, 龢ɣuɑ˧, 波p⁼uɑ˥, 波p⁼uɑ˥, 倭uɑ˥, 渦uɑ˥, 窩uɑ˥, 窩uɑ˥, 踒uɑ˥, 痤ʣuɑ˧, 矬ʣuɑ˧, 唆suɑ˥, 梭suɑ˥, 莎suɑ˥, 莎suɑ˥, 蓑suɑ˥, 摩muɑ˧, 磨muɑ˧, 魔muɑ˧, 捼nuɑ˧, 脞ʦʰuɑ˥, 科kʰuɑ˥, 稞kʰuɑ˥, 窠kʰuɑ˥, 蝌kʰuɑ˥, 髁kʰuɑ˥, 坡pʰuɑ˥, 玻pʰuɑ˥, 頗pʰuɑ˥, 囮ŋuɑ˧, 訛ŋuɑ˧, 戈k⁼uɑ˥, 迦k⁼uɑ˥, 堝k⁼uɑ˥, 渦k⁼uɑ˥, 過k⁼uɑ˥, 鍋k⁼uɑ˥
果合三平靴xya˥, 瘸ɡya˧
果開一上爸bɑ˩˧, 砢lɑ˩˧, 荷ɣɑ˩˧, 柁dɑ˩˧, 柁dɑ˩˧, 舵dɑ˩˧, 那nɑ˩˧, 那nɑ˩˧, 娜nɑ˩˧, 娜nɑ˩˧, 娜nɑ˩˧, 可kʰɑ˧˥, 可kʰɑ˧˥, 坷kʰɑ˧˥, 岢kʰɑ˧˥, 軻kʰɑ˧˥, 我ŋɑ˩˧, 硪ŋɑ˩˧, 哆t⁼ɑ˧˥, 左ʦ⁼ɑ˧˥, 哿k⁼ɑ˧˥, 舸k⁼ɑ˧˥
果開一去邏lɑ˧˩, 賀ɣɑ˧˩, 大dɑ˧˩, 馱dɑ˧˩, 那nɑ˧˩, 餓ŋɑ˧˩, 佐ʦ⁼ɑ˥˧, 作ʦ⁼ɑ˥˧, 做ʦ⁼ɑ˥˧, 個k⁼ɑ˥˧, 箇k⁼ɑ˥˧
果開一平羅lɑ˧, 儸lɑ˧, 囉lɑ˧, 蘿lɑ˧, 欏lɑ˧, 籮lɑ˧, 鑼lɑ˧, 何ɣɑ˧, 河ɣɑ˧, 苛ɣɑ˧, 荷ɣɑ˧, 佗dɑ˧, 佗dɑ˧, 沱dɑ˧, 陀dɑ˧, 跎dɑ˧, 酡dɑ˧, 馱dɑ˧, 駝dɑ˧, 鼉dɑ˧, 阿ɑ˥, 阿ɑ˥, 阿ɑ˥, 婀ɑ˥, 痾ɑ˥, 嵯ʣɑ˧, 嵯ʣɑ˧, 鹺ʣɑ˧, 鹺ʣɑ˧, 酇ʣɑ˧, 躦ʣɑ˧, 娑sɑ˥, 挲sɑ˥, 挲sɑ˥, 桫sɑ˥, 呵xɑ˥, 訶xɑ˥, 那nɑ˧, 挪nɑ˧, 儺nɑ˧, 搓ʦʰɑ˥, 磋ʦʰɑ˥, 蹉ʦʰɑ˥, 珂kʰɑ˥, 軻kʰɑ˥, 俄ŋɑ˧, 哦ŋɑ˧, 娥ŋɑ˧, 峨ŋɑ˧, 莪ŋɑ˧, 蛾ŋɑ˧, 鵝ŋɑ˧, 多t⁼ɑ˥, 柯k⁼ɑ˥, 柯k⁼ɑ˥, 牁k⁼ɑ˥, 哥k⁼ɑ˥, 歌k⁼ɑ˥, 他tʰɑ˥, 它tʰɑ˥, 它tʰɑ˥, 拖tʰɑ˥
果開三平伽ɡjɑ˧, 伽ɡjɑ˧, 茄ɡjɑ˧