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Whether you are a beginner or an advanced language learner, Glossika's audio-based training improves your listening and speaking at native speed.

Acquire Cantonese (HK) Grammar and Vocabulary through Complete Sentences

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Too Hard: Memorizing rules means you have to use effort to recall the rules before speaking.
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Glossika: The interaction between words is natural and Glossika makes this happen, so you speak like a native speaker!
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Save Your Time: We Do All the Preparation for you
Glossika is convenient and hands-free: all the scheduling, review, and difficulty progress is taken care of for you. You can train by ear, while walking down the street or driving a car, getting dressed, or having coffee.
Glossika remembers your progress, helps you review, and gives you a few new sentences every day. Everything is tailor made just for you, and it pushes you step by step to the next level.
Our Cantonese (HK) Content
Repeat after the Native Speaker
The weather's nice today.
今日 天氣 好 好 。
k˭ɐ̄mjɐ̱t̚ tʰīːnhe̟ʲ hóʷ hóʷ
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It is helping me focus on listening and speaking and even thinking in the foreign language.
I know Glossika has helped me a lot with my accent and speaking. I like the fact that there is so much repetition...I strongly believe in your method.
Glossika is a very important tool that allows me to do an absolute review of Catalan and other Romance languages.
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