Overview of the Italian Language

The Italian language is one of the most popular and favorite languages to learn. Although most people would consider it to be relatively easy to pick up, there are still quite a few unique aspects that you’ll find interesting to know. Especially if you already know how to speak English, learning Italian might actually be somewhat straightforward for you -- all the more reason to get started on mastering the Italian language!

As a Romance language, Italian is perceived as one of the “easier” languages to learn. Since there are so many words in the Italian language that look and sound similar to their English equivalents, there is a common misconception that you can become fluent in a matter of mere days or weeks. While it’s true that it is relatively less difficult to learn Italian than a language with a completely different writing system, it is still important that you establish a solid foundation in order to communicate naturally like a native speaker would.


The Fast and Easy Way to Learn Italian

Experienced language learners will agree that the easiest and fastest way to learn Italian is through persistent practice with the spaced repetition method. Train your ears to understand the meaning of complete sentences while your brain deconstructs them for a grammar breakdown.

Through repetitions, you are able to reinforce certain sentence patterns and retaining this information in your long-term memory. Imagine never having to "memorize" anything again and just have it roll out of your tongue. Over time, your grasp of the Italian language will increasingly solidify and become much more intuitive to you. Once you become familiar with such consistent training, you will pick up the pace of your language learning progress considerably.

To speed up your language learning process and achieve fluency in as little time as possible, it’s important to choose the right learning material before anything else. Glossika offers learning solutions to accommodate your busy schedule and lifestyle. In fact, our Italian modules allow you to focus on one specific goal at a time -- business know-how, everyday situations, and traveling. You’ll even be equipped with survival vocabulary and phrases that you can start using immediately in your conversations and travels. Before booking your next trip, planning a study tour, or considering new career opportunities, learn to speak Italian with confidence.

Learn by listening, speaking and naturally using basic Italian phrases with an accent that locals will feel close to. Better yet, record your own voice and find out how much you sound just like a native speaker! By immersing yourself in a massive amount of sentences and practice with complete phrases with intended context, you’ll develop the speaking and listening skills to always express yourself clearly and concisely.

If you’re considering a career change, taking part in an exchange program, or booking a trip for your next vacation -- learning Italian will be an excellent hobby to pick up during your spare time. With only 20 minutes a day, you can start speaking fluently with native Italians on your next trip abroad.

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