We’re excited to announce that the Glossika iOS app has been released today. Users can now access all of Glossika’s features and functions via the app, except for the Vocabulary feature (for English and Thai) and the Story feature (for German), both of which are currently in development and will be rolled out in a future update.

The app currently supports iPads and iPhones running iOS 13 or above. Four interface languages are available: English, (Mandarin) Chinese, Russian, and French.


Full-Practice & Listening-Only Modes Are Better on the App

Just like on the web version, the app includes two training modes: full-practice mode and listening-only mode. Users can toggle between the two modes at any time.

Full-practice mode includes a full range of training exercises: typing, dictation, listening, recall, and recording. For languages that utilize non-Latin scripts, we also offer romanization schemes to help users learn to read their target language’s script. More information about these training exercises are available here.

Listening-only mode is ideal for those primarily interested in listening and speaking. Users who are on the go or who have not yet learned to read/write their language’s script will also appreciate this mode.

Learn on the Go, Even When the Screen Is Off

80% of Glossika learners use the listening-only mode to do at least one session each day. With the listening-only mode on, you can learn a language while you’re driving, commuting, or exercising: no hands required.

“I do Glossika listening practice with the listening-only mode while I’m driving to work. I’m not able to do speaking practice at home because I need to take care of my children and I have no spare time.” — CHEN, from Taipei, Taiwan

“I love progressing with Glossika. I use Glossika on long road trips.” — Sam, from CA, USA

(More success stories are available here.)

Listening-only mode is even better with the app because you don’t need to worry about keeping your screen on. Simply place your mobile phone into your pocket, turn the screen off, and listen.

More Updates Coming Soon

Just like you, we continue to learn, grow, and innovate! Stay tuned for several exciting updates coming later this year.

If you have any questions or would like to leave feedback, please get in contact with us via in-app chat or email us at support@glossika.com.

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A Special Thanks to our iOS Beta Testers

Chris P William C Özkan Mark M Sheng Y Michal D
Robert M Filipe d.C. Steve R Trevor C Murray M Paul C
Pumehana A Katharine S Brian M Malia T Eva B Roohi Q
Sheralee M Bradley R Mary H Theo L Alexander K Adam W
Mick K Joseph D Benjamin G Ludwig R Benjamin B Mariela BS
JBL Alida H Ade R David S Rob Louis J
Cameron O Alexis S Michael K Pål J Tony M Mark W
Sophie B Robert G Rich S Benjamin H Todd V Elizabeth S
Kate C Robert G Jon L Jorne Peter RL Ray L
Hongjian Y Mike P Guglielmo V Ryan S Benjamin L Zia W
Nina K Alysha R Alla R Ross R Larry M Haroon A
Toby A Stuart D Owen Wi Ann Z Adam B John TK
Gerson Bruce J Qinghui J Frank L Stuart D Alexei M
Peter v.F. Virgil W Ann M Cody w W Matt K Andrew I
Charles B Michael T Lew W Ulrike R Mika V Kian
Alison G Branden W David L Katherine D Sergey John C
Nathaniel P Rob Steffen K Aaron CL Katherine M Stephen W
Richard F Arthur d.L.S. James F Tony F Lorenzo S Michael S
Keith R Noam S Joel S David S Lee O Elizabeth K
Joseph G Ann CM Jonathan D Andrew Jabez Z Farhan S
Perry M A Nalini K Meg S QIAN Lena R Ellen R
Sudanto B Warren S Brett Alexander D Tobias B Amelia L
Caio D Jonathan P Ferry v.M. Bob K Jason S Julia R
Tom K Jay D Walter M David K Tina G Andrew Gray
Francesco M Philip M Apostol M Nick B Jasha B Lynn D
Paul C Randolph B Julian J Matthew L Bence A Mitch G
Wayne R Addison L Nam N H Tim G Aaron Erin B
Spencer F Dan Kirk K Théo M ٍSherron K MurrayMa
Dana J Patrick K David Mu N. MISUARY Wanjia Y Eduardo JM
Dylan G Jay T Ziya Gary W Hannah R Kevin K
William C Ariel D Bev P Vic C Reed F Laura
Andrew H Joan Bev P Tony F Dean M HeZheng H
Matthew CT Luc G Karen D Joseph V Karolina B Jeffrey W
Dom V Renata F Alexander D Matthew S Ryan P Todd C
Joseph C Jane M Will H Sean T Candice P Lukasz J
John C Anton V Lukasz J

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