Glossika is excited to announce the launch of an Android app, following the release of its iOS app in April 2022. Android users can now leverage Glossika's cutting-edge algorithms and massive database of sentences to learn a language as efficiently as possible, even when out and about. Progress made on mobile devices will be synced to a user's Glossika account, so a session can be started at the computer over a morning cup of coffee and finished on the train to work.

The app currently supports Android devices running Android 8.1 or later. Two interface languages are available: English and (Mandarin) Chinese.


Glossika is better on Android

Glossika's Android app brings the core Glossika experience to a more-intuitive mobile format:

  • Learn new items: Users work through a massive database of progressively more difficult sentences, greatly expanding their ability in a foreign language without struggling with content that is too difficult or being bored by content that is too easy.
  • Review old items: Our algorithms figure out how difficult each sentence is for you, then schedule them for review at a later date. Filtering out the content you need to review today from the content that can be reviewed at a later date allows you to get the most out of each minute spent on Glossika.

Just like on the web version, users can learn and review their target language in two main ways: full-practice mode and listening-only mode. These two modes can be toggled between at any time:

  • Full-practice mode includes a full range of training exercises: typing, dictation, listening, recall, and recording. (More information about these training exercises are available here. )
  • Listening-only mode, as the name implies, consists solely of audio exercises. Learn a language while listening to high-quality recordings from real native speakers.

Learn on the go, even when the screen is off

80% of Glossika learners use listening-only mode to do at least one session per day. Listening-only mode is so popular because it makes it possible to learn a language while driving, commuting, exercising, and so forth. No hands required!

“I do Glossika listening practice with the listening-only mode while I’m driving to work. I’m not able to do speaking practice at home because I need to take care of my children and I have no spare time.” — CHEN from Taipei
"The listen-and-repeat mode is my favorite. Without watching the screen. just keep going. Glossika is the most exciting app in my language learning experience." — Benjamin from Hangzhou
"Your product is fantastic. In a year of using Glossika I progressed from knowing no french to being somewhat conversational in the language... Your app is even more effective than the private tutor that I hired. I'm [learning French to] communicate with my daughter who is French and does not speak English." — Alan from Paris

(More success stories are available here.)

The app makes listening-only mode even more convenient. You can simply turn your phone's screen off, put it into your pocket, and listen.

Big updates currently in development

This is just the beginning. We've got a host of exciting updates planned for the rest of the year:

  • Offline Mode: Download Glossika content to your Android app so that you can learn wherever you are, even without a Wi-Fi or data connection.
  • Onboarding overhaul: We're re-imagining what the first few steps through Glossika will look like. Our designed onboarding/tutorial will be more intuitive, give users more guidance, and provide a bit more education about what Glossika does behind the scenes to help you learn more efficiently.
  • Flexibility: Different people have different goals. Maybe you want to challenge yourself by hiding the base language translations/audio, or perhaps you'd like to make your own custom playlists for different purposes. We've got our eyes on a variety of feature updates that will let you make Glossika your own.

If you have any questions or would like to leave feedback, please get in contact with us via in-app chat or email us at

A special thanks to our Android beta testers

Alexis Z Mandy Markos K Richi L Marcos W Benjamin J
Julian Y Adriana A Paul S Guus B Christopher D Alex W
Logan L.D. Jeongmin H Kenneth A Gabor Oroszi Giulia Bálint M
Terry C William H Aaron Christopher B Yiwei C Guy D
Jeppe J Mary C Michael J Sam P Lea W Daniel
Gregory B Jose O Carolina L.R. Ilya FZ R Cameron M
Brian C Kimberly N William d.S.M. Serge T Ling Y Nathan C
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