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Whether you are a beginner or an advanced language learner, Glossika's audio-based training improves your listening and speaking at native speed.

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Too Hard: Memorizing rules means you have to use effort to recall the rules before speaking.
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Glossika: The interaction between words is natural and Glossika makes this happen, so you speak like a native speaker!
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Save Your Time: We Do All the Preparation for you
Glossika is convenient and hands-free: all the scheduling, review, and difficulty progress is taken care of for you. You can train by ear, while walking down the street or driving a car, getting dressed, or having coffee.
Glossika remembers your progress, helps you review, and gives you a few new sentences every day. Everything is tailor made just for you, and it pushes you step by step to the next level.
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Repeat after the Native Speaker
The weather's nice today.
きょう は 天気 が いい です。
kʲō ɰɑ te̞ŋkʲi̥ ɡɑ ī de̞s[ɯ].
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It gave me structured drills without requiring a lot of time.
I learn a new language like a kid at a young age.
I now take regular time to practice, which is one of the biggest changes from my approach before. This consistency is incredibly helpful.
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Learn how to construct Japanese sentences and word endings.
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Learn how to construct Japanese sentences and word endings.

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