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Intuitive Language Learning

Learn to communicate in real-life situations with confidence.

By using syntax to internalize grammatical structures, you’ll develop a strong command of the language.

Break through to fluency with Glossika by

training your speaking and listening

Intuitive Language Learning

Optimized Training Sessions

Make the most of your time. Glossika’s smart algorithm automatically adjusts to your level, learning speed, and schedule.

Glossika takes care of all the planning for you, so you can focus on achieving your learning goals.

Get into the habit of learning and improving consistently everyday.

Optimized Training Sessions

Personalized Learning Experience

Select the topics that you want to learn, like dining, travel, social, love, and many more.

Customize the text and audio. Learn comfortably at a pace that feels just right for you.

Glossika's audio training gives you the freedom to

learn a language anytime, anywhere

Personalized Learning Experience
Glossika's Spaced Repetition Training
one session per day

Do one session per day in any language.

Recommended combo:


recording function to practice speaking

In your session, you'll hear source and target languages by native speakers. Turn on the recording function to practice speaking out loud.

turn on phonics

Having trouble with foreign writing systems? Turn on phonics or romanization and start speaking right away.

change the speed of the audio

Change the speed of the audio to what feels comfortable for you.

favorite or delete sentences

Favorite sentences for later review.

rate the difficulty

Rate the difficulty and Glossika will prepare the best set of sentences for your next session.

What Our Users Are Saying
Glossika adds a whole new dimension to my studying and gives me a daily discipline to keep things going. I like its structure and the whole notion of learning constructions and grammar more naturally and through real sentences. It feels almost like being in an immersion situation.

Jane got me practising getting my mouth used to saying full sentences smoothly. I noticed myself coming out with a higher standard of sentences in every day conversations, and my pronunciation improved very fast...I like most is that you are practising real sentences that you know you are gonna use!


Nothing else combines comprehensible natural audio input and active language production and gives nearly the same amount of practice...every session is challenging, but doesn't go over my head. 20 minutes of daily practice speaking full speed without the unnatural sound of a beginner struggling with tone sequences feels like the perfect bridge from "student language" to "real language".