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Do one session every day per language.

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Select topics that you want to learn, like dining, travel, social, love, and many more.

Filter out content that you don't want to learn.

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Glossika's audio training gives you more freedom to learn a language anytime, anywhere.

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Glossika's smart algorithm automatically adjusts to your learning speed.

I was so convinced of the value of this undertaking and its approach... and had a breakthrough moment. Glossika could really transform your speaking ability in your target language.

Ellen Jovin

Words & Worlds of New York

I love it! …seriously. What I love about Glossika is that you have put into a concentrated pill what I would have done with hundreds of books myself.

Stuart Jay Raj

Transnational Crisis Management

Once you recognise these common can cope easily with many familiar situations you'll find yourself in. In a nutshell, Glossika gives you all this foundational stuff on a plate...which is awesome.

Olly Richards

I'll Teach You a Language

Glossika's Unique Spaced Repetition Training!

Do at least one session per day in any language.

Recommended combo:


In the session, you'll hear source and target languages by native speakers.

Turn on the recording function to practice speaking out loud.

Change the speed of audio to what feels comfortable for you.

Do foreign writing systems slow you down? Turn on phonics or romanization and start speaking right away.

Add sentences any time to your favorite list for later review.

Delete sentences any time.

Give feedback at the end of each session, and Glossika will prepare the best set of sentences for your next session.