Learn Spanish for free by listening to Spanish podcasts 🎧

You may have a busy schedule that doesn't allow you to dedicate some time to language learning. What should you do if you want to learn Spanish but doesn't have time?

Podcasts are great if you can't find any time for yourself. You can listen to it when you are driving to work, on the elliptical in the gym, or doing the dishes. Even better, you can often find podcasts that are free. Listening to Spanish podcasts is a great and easy way to learn Spanish.

Why Should You Listen to Spanish Podcasts?

Listening to podcasts is one of the easiest ways to immerse yourself in Spanish. You must have heard so many people say that expose yourself to your target language as much as you can if you don't live in a Spanish-speaking country.

Podcasts provide a great variety of topics, so you don't have to worry about not finding something you like. If you want to follow current events, there are podcasts about the news; and if you'd like to brush up on your grammar, you can always find Spanish audio lessons online. These podcasts often use everyday vocabulary and phrases, which you'll hear if you're walking on the street of a Spanish-speaking country. Thus, they will help you communicate with native speakers with ease and make you sound more like a local.

7 Spanish Podcasts That Will Help You Learn Spanish

1. Spanish Obsessed

Level: beginner to advanced

Spanish Obsessed is run by a lovely multicultural couple, Rob is from London and Lis comes from Colombia. They started off this Spanish podcast with this in mind: to spread the love - the love of Spanish and Latin American cultures & language.

It offers a great variety of topics for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners. Do you want to talk like a local? Spanish Obsessed uses conversational Spanish. Yes, the type that you hear on the street or in the shops and bars! Rob and Lis are the main hosts of the podcast, but from time to time, they also have guest hosts from different Spanish-speaking countries on the podcast. It helps if you want to practice different accents. Spanish Obsessed is great if you want to learn Spanish for free.

2. Audiria

Level: beginner to advanced

The hosts for Audiria are two Malaga-based brothers who want to promote the Spanish language and culture. Don't judge a book by its cover and let the simple design of the website fool you. It's rich in content, and it offers a new podcast every day.

Each podcast is filled with lively and engaging content for learners of all levels. Also, they're all tagged with different difficulty levels, so all you need to do is go onto the website and select the podcasts that are right for you. Follow by the podcast, there are also exercises and activities to check your comprehension. Amazing, isn't it? Oh and guess what? Audiria is completely free, so for those who want to learn Spanish for free, give this podcast a try!

3. Notes in Spanish

Level: beginner to advanced

Notes in Spanish is another podcast that's run by a husband and wife duo; Ben is from England and Marina hails from Madrid. Their mission is to help Spanish learners learn real Spanish instead of the textbook or classroom Spanish.

They talk about a wide range of topics, and offer podcasts at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Every podcast has worksheets, which is not free, that go with it, and it starts off with a recap of the previous episode. So don't worry about starting off in the middle of a series. If you are interested in Spanish culture, interesting news, travel, and so on, they have another podcast called Notes from Spain.

4. Radio Ambulante

Level: intermediate to advanced

Are you fascinated by the diverse Latin American culture? Radio Ambulante is a podcast, distributed by NPR, that works with a group of storytellers and radio producers to bring the stories alive.

Each podcast tells the stories of people and places throughout Latin America and the United States, and new episodes come out regularly. It might be a little bit challenging at the beginning, but if you listen to it regularly, and with the help of the transcripts, you'll get the hang of it soon.

5. News in Slow Spanish

Level: beginner to intermediate

If you are interested in the Spanish news and current affairs, but your Spanish is not quite there yet to listen to the news at an average speed, News in Slow Spanish is a good solution.

Whether you are learning Castilian Spanish or Latino Spanish, this Spanish podcast has got it covered for you. It gives you the options of listening in Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Latino). It provides news bulletins for you to read at a much more reasonable speed as a Spanish learner. Stay updated with the Spanish current even and hone your listening skill by listening to this Spanish podcast.

6. LightSpeed Spanish

Level: beginner to intermediate

Another Spanish podcast runs by another power couple; Gordon from the U.K. and Cynthia from Spain. Teaching is their shared passion, and they want to help people go through what they went through when they were learning Spanish and English.

Gordon and Cynthia use explanations that are easy to understand in every episode. And they offer a lot of information about Spanish culture. Sometimes they include videos to their podcasts.

7. Glossika

Level: beginner to advanced

Ok, I know this is not exactly a podcast. But Glossika provides Spanish audio-based lessons you can take wherever you are, just like all the podcasts mentioned previously. With Glossika, you'll be able to mimic the way a child acquires a language while getting optimal results by immersing yourself in Spanish on a daily basis.

The more you hear a language, the faster you will improve. Glossika's audio-based lessons help train your listening skills, and its spaced repetition training builds up your understanding of a language by familiarizing you little by little with various sentence structures and patterns.




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