Over the past few years, we've received thousands of requests and inquiries from the Glossika community asking to join the content development process, so here it is: introducing Viva, a language learning content development platform for anyone who'd like to make an impact in language education.

Request on developing Tlingit and Yup'ik
Request on developing Crimean Tatar

What Viva brings to educators

Viva is a place for you to accumulate passive income and build your personal brand in education.

Accumulate your passive income

Instead of teaching an online class or completing a translation task just once, on Viva, you get paid a percentage of revenue for 6 months, every time your content is practiced by learners. Accumulating your passive income in the education industry is really that simple.

You can join the content development process based on your own skills or interests, whether it's translation, recording, or verifying. The more contributed content is learned, the more you earn.

In Viva's first stage of development, we are only releasing content approved and tagged by Glossika's internal team. We are exploring more possibilities as time goes on.

Build your personal brand

By showcasing your contribution to language learners around the world, this can bring more opportunities to you. If you're a teacher or content creator elsewhere, this is added value for your personal brand.

What Viva brings to language learners

Your contributions on Viva will be added into Glossika, and here is the value this brings to language learners:

More in-depth and wider-range of learning content

On Glossika, learners get structured learning plans and personalized content. The goal of Viva is to greatly expand the use of vocabulary used with each sentence structure, but also the ability to include time-sensitive trending words and concepts (like "pandemic"), in addition to a variety of services and ideas; all of this to help learners keep up with the constantly changing world.

Find the language you'd like to learn, whatever it is

It's an ambitious goal, but with the help of worldwide educators and contributors, we believe it's achievable. And no matter how small the language is, we'd like to bring the opportunity to learn it to life: Viva!

Learn with the voice, or voices, you prefer

No matter your age, gender, or origin of your accent, language learners deserve the opportunity to choose from a variety. So even if you grew up abroad and have a slightly different accent, that's okay, just fill out the information truthfully, because there's always someone interested in the way you speak. We'll allow learners to filter and select from the voices available.


How to join Viva?

It's easy to join Viva. Just click "apply now" and go through the 4-step application process:

#1: Contribution
#2: Background
#3: About you
#4: Competency

Step 1: Contribution

Contribution is about knowing what language you'd like to contribute to Glossika on Viva. And since accents, word choice, and even pronunciation vary across different locations, you'll be asked to describe your accent by selecting a location.

Step 2: Background

The way you speak a language is largely influenced by your surroundings including family, teachers, friends, and colleagues, and where you grew up, and it's important that we know your background in order to deliver what customers expect.

Step 3: About you

We'd like to know your professional achievements. It's optional, so you can disclose as much as you'd like.

Step 4: Competency

This is a series of tests that we require you to finish. You'll get between 6 and 32 questions depending on the types of work that you'd like to contribute on Viva.

Join us and Make an Impact!

We are on a big mission to bring access to any language and would like to invite you to join us!

Support our mission: viva.glossika.com