Learning a foreign language through stories is a popular way to learn. If you are learning German, we have good news for you! We're happy to announce our release of Glossika Stories in collaboration with Smarter German!

As implied, this story is for learning German, and we currently offer an English translation. We look forward to adding more translations in the future.


What the story is about

There is a large, old house at the edge of the city. The house has been empty for years, and only the gardener Klaus Blumfeld goes to the house regularly to take care of the garden and repair things. One day, Klaus Blumfeld finds an old woman lying in the corridor...

How does this happen, and how would detective Simone Tesch and her assistant Stefan Schmidt solve the case? Written by the Smarter German team, learn German along the way as the mystery unfolds.

What you will learn in this story

1) Practice of useful dialogues

There is a lot of useful dialogue in the story between the detective Simone Tesch and her assistant Stefan Schmidt. For example, when Simone and Stefan go visit a journalist, they talk about the environment and how his boss asks the journalist to stop his investigation as there are more important things to do.

2) Learn Unique Vocabulary

You'll learn a lot of new and unique vocabulary for describing emotions, objects, and best of all, learning within context.

3) Learn how to express or indicate something clearly and thoroughly

Good, clear and concise expressive skills can be a challenge even for native speakers. Stories gives you a chance to go in more detail and learn how to set and describe a scene.

How to Use Stories

This story has 54 chapters ranging from A1 to B1. You can start with the chapter list with description, and difficulty tags for each chapter listed for your reference. Of course, we recommend starting from the first chapter.

54 chapters

In the Story sessions, you'll see the source language and target language combination. Just like regular Glossika sessions, you can select full practice mode or listening-only mode to practice, and no matter which mode you select you can turn on the recording function to practice telling the story yourself.

Listening only mode
Full practice mode

This story is more suitable for learners who already have at least an A1 level. For complete beginners, you may use English as a reference in getting started. We recommend turning on the "gloss" transcription which is a direct word-for-word gloss of the German, as this helps you grasp German's unique word order.

We recommend turning on the "gloss" transcription which is a direct word-for-word gloss of the German.

All the sentences that you learn in Stories can be found in Memory for your review.

How to Get Started

If you haven't tried Glossika yet, please sign up for a free account.

Next, select German, finish the placement test, and click Stories to get started. We offer the first five chapters free, and you can practice as much as you want. If you are already a subscriber on Glossika, you can read the whole story included in your subscription.

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