Whether you’re on a plane, in a car, going out for a walk, out of data for the month, or just somewhere where the internet connection is unstable, Offline Mode lets you keep up with your Glossika training!

Note: This is a premium feature that is only available to users with a paid subscription.

What is Offline Mode?

Download New and Review content directly to your app so you can get in your daily reps even without internet access.

Download content for offline use

This new update allows you to download:

  • Up to 10 New sessions at once (each new session consists of 5 new sentences repeated 5 times — that's 25 reps per session, or up to 250 reps of offline practice)
  • Up to 500 sentence pairs for review (target + base language text and audio of a sentence you’ve already encountered; users of the Basic Plan can download up to 100 sentencep pairs)

Switch between Listening-only and Full-practice modes

Just like with the online version of Glossika, you can also switch between Listening-only Mode and Full-practice Mode at any time with the offline version.

Some scenarios:

  • Out for a walk and can’t fully interact with your phone screen? Use Listening-only Mode, then just listen (and record, if you’re available)
  • Up for a more intense session? Use Full-practice Mode to be challenged with a mix of typing, recall, dictation, and recording exercises

Offline progress syncs automatically

All of your offline learning progress will be stored in the app. We’ll then sync it to your online profile as soon as you have internet access. This means that your progress will be seamless, whether online or off.

Sync across three devices

Your downloaded content can be synced across 3 devices. For example, if you have both an iPhone and an iPad, content downloaded to your iPhone will be automatically synced over to your iPad, too. You don’t need to manually manage all of your devices.

💡 Haven’t tried Glossika yet?  

If you’re looking for a speech-focused language learning solution that gets you talking as quickly as possible, then Glossika is for you. You'll drill practical sentences that are tailored to your interests and ability in lean ~8 minute training sessions. To make sure you remember all of that, we also use a  spaced-repetition to curate daily review regimens for you.

You'll speak, you'll learn, you'll remember, and you'll feel good about yourself.

Sign up for Glossika now and start your 7-day free trial. You’ll get unlimited access to all of our premium features, including offline mode. No credit card necessary.


How to use Offline Mode

  1. Click the “Downloads” tab
  2. Select how many new sessions you’d like to download in “New Session”, then start the download
  3. Select the sentences that you’d like to review in “Review”, then start the download
  4. Once you finish the download, you'll be able to use Glossika even without internet access

If you have limited cellular data and would prefer to download learning content via Wi-Fi, be sure to switch on the “Download via Wi-Fi only” toggle.

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