Glossika's Affiliate Program allows our partners earn commissions when promoting Glossika. If you are a content creator who is looking for a way to boost your passive income, our program is the best way for you to start.

What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate marketing is a type of partnership in which affiliates earn a commission by connecting their audience with a company's product. In Glossika's case, our affiliate program is a way to boost your passive income while helping your audience to achieve their language goals faster.

When you become our affiliate partner, you will earn a fixed commission (30% of first purchase total) each time a user purchases a paid Glossika subscription after clicking your affiliate link.

Simply put: Earn money when your followers subscribe to Glossika!


Who can apply?

Generally speaking, anyone who runs a site, blog, or resource dedicated to topics like language learning and education is eligible to become a Glossika Affiliate. If this sounds like you, we'd love you to join our affiliate program!

Apply if you have any of the following:

  • a website
  • a blog
  • a YouTube channel
  • a social media platform (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • a Telegram channel
  • a newsletter
  • a language learning community
  • a lot of students

In which you talk about:

  • languages and/or language learning
  • world cultures
  • traveling
  • education
  • entertainment (movies, books, music)
  • business and self-development
  • technology and productivity

How does it work?

Earning money with Glossika is simple!

Step 1: Try Glossika

You'll be given a 30-day Premium Trial to try Glossika and determine how you feel about the platform. (Trial extensions are available upon request.)

Step 2: Tell your audience about us

Write a review, post a YouTube video, or promote Glossika in your language learning community. Regardless of the channel, simply post your affiliate link to start earning commissions. We'll provide you with a customizable affiliate link, branded visual assets, a dashboard to monitor your traffic/earnings, and our affiliate manager’s assistance from day one.

Make sure to share your affiliate link when promoting Glossika!

Step 3: Get commissions

You'll earn a commission each time someone purchases a paid subscription to Glossika after clicking on your affiliate link. You'll keep earning commissions for as long as you keep referring people to Glossika. Join our seasonal promotions to earn even more. We will keep you updated about opportunities to get involved via the Partner Newsletter.

How do I get paid?

We offer affiliates a commission of 30% of the total value of a customer's first purchase.

  • If a member of your audience purchases a subscription to the Pro Monthly Plan at the standard price of $30.99 USD/Month, you will earn ~$9.30 USD.
  • Discounted subscription plans earn discounted commissions: If a member of your audience purchases a subscription to the Basic Annual Plan at a discounted price of $120 USD, you will earn $36.00 USD.

We send out payments via PayPal on the 15–20th of each month, and you'll automatically receive a payout each time you reach $100.00 USD in commissions.

(Note: Glossika pays affiliates each time a new person registers for a paid Glossika account after clicking on an affiliate partner's unique link. Affiliates will be credited for sales made within 30 days of clicking on an affiliate link.)


How do product returns affect my commission?
‍If a purchase is refunded, an affiliate commission won’t be paid out for that referral.

Do I need to apply separately for each website/blog if I have more than one?
You need to apply separately for each of your brands. This means that one application can cover all your brand’s platforms (Glossika Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, blog, etc), but two applications would be necessary if you’d like to promote Glossika via two separately-named brands (Brand A Twitter + Brand B Twitter).

Do I get an affiliate commission for purchases I make myself?
No, you won't earn affiliate commissions for purchases you make yourself.

Is there anything I'm not allowed to do to promote Glossika?
Any sort of spam is prohibited, whether that's ads, emails, comments, or posts on 3rd-party websites. Don't copy our site, clone our content, or mislead your audience in any way.

How do I get started?

Apply to become an affiliate via the link below, and our affiliate manager will be in touch shortly.

Our manager evaluates each application manually to make sure Glossika collaborates only with high-quality websites and content creators. It may take up to 3 working days to get back to you. If a week has passed but you still haven't heard from anyone, please check in with us via

More detailed terms and conditions will be shared with you after your application has been received.

If you have any questions or special requests regarding collaborations, please contact us via