Learn Chinese By Watching TV Shows

Have you tried looking for Chinese videos on YouTube but all you could find was videos related to politics? Here is a list of shows that you can watch on YouTube and learn Chinese (Taiwan), about the people, culture and culinary world of Taiwan.

4 TV Shows to Learn Chinese

1. 台灣1001個故事- Taiwan 1001 Stories

Are you a foodie who enjoys eating and likes getting behind the plates? We have found a perfect show for you!

Taiwan 1001 Stories tells the stories of a group of people who work hard for their passions. Some of them have failed thousands of times before getting to where they are today. Some of them got into the world of cooking because that's all they've ever dreamed of, but some started making food because of the mid-life crisis - they need to find a way to make a living. Everyone tells a different story on this island.

You must have heard the farm-to-table concept in the gastronomy world. Taiwan 1001 Stories introduces you to the Taiwanese food culture using the very same idea. The show not only takes you to some of the oldest and best-known restaurants or food stands in Taiwan, but it also brings you to the farms and learns about the ingredients.

2. 在台灣的故事 (Stories in Taiwan)

Do you want to know more about Taiwan, its friendly people, and delicious cuisines?

Stories in Taiwan takes you around the island, through every city and town. In each episode, you will hear the stories of Taiwanese people and learn about their everyday life. The show also brings you into the kitchens and shows you how everything is made. Last but not least, Stories in Taiwan also takes on you time travel trips and goes back in history. You will learn about the rich history of the land and the buildings in Taiwan.

Discover and explore the beauty of the island in a different way. Stories of Taiwan introduces you to the culture and custom of the island from a local perspective.

3. 一日系列- Muyao 4 Super Playing

Have you ever wondered what a conductor does on the trains every day? Did you know a chef usually starts his/her day early in the morning?

Muyao 4 Super Playing did a year-long series by putting the hosts in different people's shoes. From animal husbandry to the hospitality industry or even the medical industry, they go out to the fields and find out what each profession does on a daily basis. The show introduces you to different industries from a casual and humorous standpoint.

You might wonder how working for the Taiwan Railways Administration is. You might also be curious about the life of criminal police. Join Muyao 4 Super Playing and experience having a different occupation every day.

4. 非凡大探索 (FēiFán DàTànSuǒ)

Taiwanese food is a combination of the cuisine of the Minnan, Teochew, and Hokkien Chinese communities, with the touch of Japanese cooking techniques.

Fēi Fán Dà Tàn Suǒ is committed to showing their audience the best of beef noodle soup, the most incredible scallion pancakes, and the most mind-blowing oyster omelet the island has to offer. Every Sunday, the show takes you to 5~6 different restaurants, brings you into the kitchens, and tells you the stories of the men and women who started these restaurants.

Follow the footsteps of the Fēi Fán team and go on culinary tours around the island. Let the show shows you the best of everything in Taiwan.


More Chinese Learning Resources

Maybe you've only been learning Chinese for a very short period of time and shows without English subtitles are too advanced for you. Don't worry! In the next post, we will talk about more shows with English subtitles. Before that, head over to Glossika's site and learn Chinese (Taiwan) in real-life conversations recorded by native speakers and get comfortable listening and speaking the language.



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