Learn to Speak Better and Faster

Glossika helps you speak a language better and faster in the least possible time by using smart technology, adaptive learning algorithm and structured content.

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Learn to Speak Better and Faster

Personalized Learning Plan Based on Your Level and Interests

Providing customized content based on your level, Glossika uses full sentence practice in context, meaning your vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar acquisition is more natural. All of this leads to fluency.

Easy Progress: train all skills or do hands-free audio on-the-go

We turn "learning" a language on its head. At Glossika, you’ll “train” a language in four key skills integrated with spaced repetition. This training helps you put vocabulary together in full sentences to express what you want to say so that native speakers understand you.

Easy Progress: train all skills or do hands-free audio on-the-go

Expand Vocabulary and Make Long-Term Memories

Glossika predicts when we're about to forget. Glossika prepares a review list every day for you to strengthen your vocabulary and sentences into long-term memory. You no longer need to worry about forgetting or what to review.

High Quality Audio by Native Speakers

Each language on Glossika has a large number of authentic sentences recorded by native speakers. Listen carefully and repeat after the native speakers is one of the key element to achieving fluency. Start speaking from day 1!

Chinese (Beijing)
Chinese (Beijing)
Chinese (Taiwan)
High Quality Audio by Native Speakers
What Our Users Are Saying
Glossika adds a whole new dimension to my studying and gives me a daily discipline to keep things going. I like its structure and the whole notion of learning constructions and grammar more naturally and through real sentences. It feels almost like being in an immersion situation.


...it got me practising getting my mouth used to saying full sentences smoothly. I noticed myself coming out with a higher standard of sentences in every day conversations, and my pronunciation improved very fast...I like most is that you are practising real sentences that you know you are gonna use!


Nothing else combines comprehensible natural audio input and active language production and gives nearly the same amount of practice...every session is challenging, but doesn't go over my head. 20 minutes of daily practice speaking full speed without the unnatural sound of a beginner struggling with tone sequences feels like the perfect bridge from "student language" to "real language".


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