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Glossika Language Vitality Report 2018
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Glossika Language Vitality Report 2018

This report shows you which languages have gone extinct recently, which are in recovery, and the status of all the other languages.

Вы так же будете получать уведомления о новинках и специальных предложениях.
Что Внутри
  • Over 8200 languages, including extinct languages with their known extinction date

  • Discovered languages and other changes in status during the period from 2013 to 2018

  • The grand list of 11 languages that have gone (nearly) extinct, 2011-2018

  • Superscript ISO code (or Glottolog code when missing) included for every language as a hyperlink between sections in the book

  • Story of how one dormant language continues to live on in its community

  • Vitality includes: national, vigorous, developing, reawakening, threatened, shifting, moribund, severely endangered, dormant, extinct, and unattested/non-existent.

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