Glossika Guide to Russian Pronunciation & Grammar
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Glossika Guide to Russian Pronunciation & Grammar

This handy companion will guide you through some of the major features of the most spoken language in the East Slavic language family. Get a comprehensive introduction on pronunciation and grammar, including linguistic references you’ll find useful at any stage of your personal language training. Find out how you can read Russian in 3 simple steps!

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  • Learn to read Russian in 30 minutes: Follow the pages of exercises to complete the task

  • Advanced pronunciation tips to sound more like a native speaker. Individual sections on: two degrees of weak stress, palatalization, intonation

  • List of 50+ must-know beginner verbs (in pairs)

  • How to make compound verb structures: existential, causative, avoidance, expectation, continuity, proximity, attempt, evidentiality, circumstance, habit, modals, potential, regret, volition

  • A super-easy beginner's guide on why Russian has imperfective and perfective verbs and how to master and use them properly

  • Verb conjugation tables for 16 patterns

  • Verbs of motion table presented with each pair of unidirectional/multidirectional and imperfective/perfective

  • Verbs of motion prefixes list

  • Adverbs of location, source, goal, time, manner, measure, degree, and seven sections devoted to time expression structures

  • Lists of roots: noun prefixes, foreign noun prefixes, noun suffixes, adjective prefixes, adjective suffixes, verb prefixes, verb suffixes, over 1100 roots with explanations

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