Glossika Guide to French Pronunciation & Grammar
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Glossika Guide to French Pronunciation & Grammar

This guide gives you the all the essentials to build up a solid foundation in French pronunciation, including tips and tricks to sound more like a native speaker.

Our comprehensive overview on parts of speech and how French grammar is structured will enable you to master the most essential verb conjugations and tenses quickly.

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What's Inside
  • A guide to French IPA, with a guide to modern sound changes of 21st century French, with special regard to nasal vowels

  • How to pronounce final consonants, plurals, and a special guide to 'tous' and 'plus'

  • The history of French words: how to recognize words you probably already know by simple spelling changes

  • Quick guide on how to know the gender of French vocabulary

  • When to use vous and tu, nous and on

  • Most essential verbs and verb conjugations, with a chapter dedicated to negation

  • Basic verb tense patterns with time words

  • Most essential adverbs and prepositions

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